Seated Twist Pose Marichyasana C & Benefits

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How This Helps

Twists such as this one are said to help the body remove toxins by massaging its internal organs and improving blood flow. Twists are also magnificent for the spine, keeping it healthy, flexible, and mobile. Twisting postures assistance you to much better deal with tension and also stress and anxiety as they permit your body to move in and out of comfy settings safely. They likewise assist you to focus on the here and now moment, which can be calming to your mind.

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When doing a seated twist, try to maintain your back upright. Imagine you have a string pulling you up from the crown of the head. Once in the twist, use the breath to deepen the posture.

Step 1: Start in a seated posture with both legs extended in front of you. Make sure you are sitting upright and that your spine is neutral.

Step 2: Bend your right knee and bring your foot in front of your hip. Check-in with your spine and ensure it is still straight.

Step 3: Begin to rotate towards the right by placing your right hand behind you. As you exhale continue rotating and bring your left elbow to the outside of your right knee.

Step 4: Use your elbow to gently deepen the rotation. Open your hand and face your palm away from you.

Step 5: Hold here for five breaths. With each inhale, move to grow taller and exhale to twist further.

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Exercise caution is you are working with a serious back injury. Move carefully and stop if you experience any pain. Avoid this pose if you have diarrhea.

What is Marichyasana C or Seated twist pose?

Sage Marichi was the child of Lord Brahma and was one amongst the Saptarishis and sometimes described as Manasaputra. Saptarishis are considered to be the seven greatest sages of the Vedic age. Lord Brahma, the architect of the universe, needed a couple of individuals that can be delegated the production of the remaining cosmos. He produced Prajapatis, who came to be the papa of the human race. Considering that this Prajapati was developed from his mind, they are called Manasaputras, and sage Marichi is just one of them.

Marichyasana is a seated yoga pose that is done seated on a mat with one leg folded up and also various other outstretched. Marichyasana in Ashtanga yoga exercise is practiced with vinyasa. The variant is called Marichyasana A, B, C, D. Each is done in a sequence, and one can attempt Marichyasana C after mastering An as well as B sequence. This present is done by turning the upper body which gives a good quantity of stress on abdominal organs and also activates them to work efficiently. The twisting result is likewise recognized to trigger the jewel of chakra called Manipura chakra. The Manipura chakra, when activated, inspires you and also propels you onward.

This seated twist is done by revolving your torso with one leg curved and also one leg outstretched. The posture provides you with a fantastic full-body release as it stretches the shoulders, hips, and also back. Consequently, the position requires a reasonable amount of movement in both your spinal column and hips.

The spin can limit abdominal as well as diaphragmatic breathing, so you may find taking a breath more difficult throughout the pose. It is prudent to exercise the position slowly and hold the present for as long as feels comfy to you when beginning.

You can additionally take advantage of props to help you if need be. Here are several of the advantages as well as strategies for Marichyasana C, also called Seated Twist.

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Marichyasana C yoga pose health benefits

Benefits of Seated Twist (Marichyasana C):

Asanas involving twists are good for spine wellness as they maintain their flexibility and bring blood circulation to spinal nerves.

– Gut Health: Helpful for clearing the body of excess trapped gas that can make you really feel bloated or awkward. This can additionally help with irregular bowel movements and also acidity or indigestion.

– Marichyasana C is cleansing and detoxifying. It boosts as well as energizes the mind as well as can help disentangle your feelings. The position can likewise help teach you exactly how to deal with troubles you may face in life.

– Reinforces the core and provides a great amount of adaptability to the back, which assists release the neck and back pain.

– Pressure on abdominal body organs assists in triggering organs related to digestion and metabolic activities.

– Improves range of movement for muscular shoulder tissues.

– Functions on the core as well as assists in belly fat melting.

– Improves stance as well as breathing.

– Women can take advantage of the pose as it can ease menstruation and also reinforce the womb.

– Energy: Feeling much more invigorated

– Helps asthma symptoms

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People with back and also neck problems have to avoid doing this position.


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