Meditation: Master Your Mind

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Meditation is a way to get aware of your thoughts. And to have control over your mind.

Your mind is just like a free untrained wild horse. Which just roams around and finds solace in useless thoughts. Unless you train your mind.

Your mind can never be empty of thoughts. It needs something to be fed on. The kind of thoughts you bring in through watching, listening or reading, it starts to absorb and reconstruct the same kind of impressions.

When your mind is idle, it starts to construct the same kind of thoughts you are used to.

To get out of the loop you need to start reading, learning, watching or listening to the kind of things you need to come in your mind. But it is not so easy to halt the loop. You need to clear your mind first. As you clean your room and remove unnecessary stuff to bring new beneficial ones. Meditation is that process. The process to clear your mind of useless, negative thoughts and bring in useful positive ideas.

As it is tough to handle an untrained horse so similarly, it is not easy to control an untrained mind. Meditation is that kind of training. It helps to calm and relax the mind, the wild horse. Initially, you will face some challenges, like you won’t be able to sit properly for a long time, or it may be difficult for you to focus your mind.

But in any case, never push yourself. Follow your feeling about meditation and respect your mind as you will do with that wild horse. Sit for one minute only, but practice it daily. Ideally, you should practice meditation at the same time every day. That way your body will start preparing itself for the meditation before you settle for.

When you sit for meditation, never try to seize your thoughts. Just let them in. Closely watch your thoughts do not assess them. Let them flow. Like you will bind that wild horse with a long rope through which the horse will think that it is still free and can run anywhere. But as the horse becomes calm, the owner begins to tighten the rope. And the time comes that the wild horse becomes totally calm and follows the owner.

Similarly, when you will follow your ritual of doing meditation sincerely, a day will come, and then your mind will be under your control.

You will be the master of your mind. You will be able to guide your mind to think about a particular idea.

No one can guarantee this, no one can say how much time it will take. But if you follow the ritual patiently you will succeed it.

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