About Us

NourishDoc is a platform to pair you with holistic health experts via 2 way video online.

Just like a visit to their office – but without the hassle. You save time and money, and get well fast.

Learn how different treatment options in natural medicine can be implemented for your specific condition, and consult further with experts about it. All the natural medicinal remedies offered aim to tackle whatever condition you might have from its root cause – as opposed to a temporary prescription drug fix.

Simply fill out your details, and we will short list the experts that can best help you. We want to simplify the access to knowledge and experience of good health. Learn about medical conditions and how you can improve your health using what nature has taught us over thousands of years.

You can learn about your condition, and schedule a personal consultation. Get a therapy plan that you can follow and keep track of through all the steps. Periodic follow ups with experts are available ensure the plan is working for you.
Consult with an expert online to piece together details on your schedule. After this, you’ll get a therapy plan shortly, which marks the start of your road to good health.

You can choose an expert in integrated medicine, functional medicine, naturopathy, holistic medicine, ayurveda, natural medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, and many other disciplines that derive their treatment and healing practices from nature.

You can always verify the educational qualifications, experience, specialization and other details of the experts and have an initial consultation call for free. So get healthy, and stay healthy as nature intended.