How To Do Brahmacharyasana Celibate’s Pose Benefits & Precautions

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How This Helps

When Brahmacharyasana posture is practiced regularly, the semen flows upward resulting in the reduction of the warm blood vessels between the urinary outlet and the anus. In the process, it also cures ailments such as premature ejaculation and wet dreams.  People experiencing any of these ailments can practice their posture about 10 minutes before their bedtime. Greater mental concentration and longer penile erection are also associated with this yoga pose.

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In the Sanskrit language, Brahmacharya means control over sensual organs, and particularly so, sexual urge.  Many Hindu scriptures lay great importance on the power to control the senses as a prelude to higher spiritual attainment. According to these scriptures, sexual urges can distract the seeker from his focus. Further, yoga principles focus on converting sexual energy into a higher level of energy termed Ojas. Ojas in turn improves the vitality of the mental and physical body and Brahmacharyasana is designed to help this pursuit.


  • Sit on the floor with the knees bent. Spread the feet outward with the hands on the knees.
  • Your anus and buttocks rest on the floor.
  • Inhale and continue sitting peacefully.
  • Brahmacharyasana is among the few yoga poses that can be practiced after a meal. In other words, your stomach need not be empty while practicing this posture.


Brahmacharyasana pose is not recommended if you have had ankle or knee surgeries.

Science and Research

In this huge treatise on Brahmacharya, it is stated that a study by Ohio University has shown that sexual thoughts occur in men some 19 times across a day or at an interval of about 1.30 hours. 120 male and 163 female college students participated in the study and the age profile of the participants was 18-25. The study also confirmed that sexual thoughts in men are more often compared to women. Reading this treatise will give you an intimate and true understanding of brahmacharya. 

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Bramcharyasana benefits & precautions

Brahmacharyasana in Sanskrit indicates control over sexual urges. Yoga thinks that the sexual power in people is extremely potent and can be utilized for reaching higher states of consciousness. Sensuality is frowned upon and discouraged in numerous cultures, although most of us are sensual beings. The term sensual is associated with pleasing all our five senses: Seeing, Hearing, Taste, Scent, and Touch. In Yoga, some different Asanas and Pranayamas awaken our Svadhisthana chakra (Sacral Chakra), which is the facility of feelings, pleasures, and sensuality.

But many individuals disconnect with their sensuous emotions for various reasons. The outcome of this is never good. The lack of consciousness leads to severe instability as well as stress. You have a tendency to disrespect one and all when you are not in touch with your emotions.

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Beginners tips:

Attempt the very same position on a raised system, on the edge of the bed, or on the arms of the chair. Begin with your legs curved, and afterward, try to straighten your leg.

Strengthens the stomach body organs and muscular tissues, as well as muscular tissues of thigh and arms.

Brahmacharyasana or the Celibate’s Pose helps to save sexual power and also enhances abdominal muscles. Yoga believes that the sexual energy in both males and females is powerful and can be utilized for advancement and getting to greater states of consciousness. Yoga likewise believes that this sexual power can be transmuted into a greater form of energy known as Ojas, which improves the vitality of the whole physical and mental body. Brahmacharyasana is one of the presents that help in this transmutation.

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Summary of Brahmacharyasana (The Celibate’s Pose) Benefits:

Belly fat: Brahmacharyasana aids to tone and also reinforce the stomach muscles.

– Strength: This asana strengthens the arms as well as shoulders.

– Libido: This asana is outstanding for those who wish to preserve sexual energy. Brahmacharyasana assists to sublimate the sexual power to a subtler form of energy called Ojas. This form of energy enhances the physical and psychological health of the body.


Do not do this pose if you have hypertension. or any heart conditions.

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