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How This Helps

Clearly obesity is a serious issue and poses many other health problems for the person suffering from it. With our current lifestyles, eating habits and sleep patterns, this problem has only escalated over the past few years. Recent researches have also shown that people suffering from obesity have a higher likelihood of diabetes,depression and even cancer now.

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 Here are a few reasons for why obesity could occur in people :
1. Lack of acceptance or love towards your own body: ­ Lack of acceptance sets off a cycle for wanting to consume more junk and unhealthy food. It is a subconscious mechanism of self sabotage and is one of the primary reasons for onset of obesity.
2. Past trauma in terms of sexual abuse, rejection or betrayal ­ Over 50% of the cases of obesity have been linked to such traumatic incidences in ones life. These incidences could be from the present life or the associations are also sometimes carried forward from past lives. The body goes into obesity syndrome as a mechanism to protect oneself from such abuse again.
3. Fear of shame and humiliation: ­ This is an offshoot of the previous point but tilted more towards expectations and pressure from the society in current life which leads to a fear of letting others or yourself down. This is also when obesity leads to diabetes, especially Type 2. This is also one of the prime reasons why gluttony happens as an attempt to insulate yourself from the demands of the outside world.
4. Lack of nurture and affection in life: ­ When people feel alone, unloved and unwanted in life, they turn to food for comfort. That is how the concept of “comfort food” came about in the first place! This leads to an association with food used to fill voids in their life and hence they start 
turning to food every time they are in a fix. This sets off a trigger for fat cells to start accumulating.

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A lot of people know ways to work on obesity using medicines and diets and even surgeries. And yes, these ways have definitely worked for some and not for others. This forum is not here to dismiss any modality. I am here to talk about how one can change their behavioral craving of calorie intake so as to cope with obesity. With the work that I have done over the past years on weight loss and meditation and its correlation, I have discovered that weight gain has a lot to do with the thought pattern and mind association with the body. I have designed guided meditation for weight loss that should help you focus on your mind and help with control of appetite.

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Science and Research

When someone comes to me with a weight problem ­ I never deal with it! Because that is just an outside symptom ­ it is important to get to the cause of it. No amount of diets will help if all you are doing is suppressing your cravings. Suppression is one of the main reasons you are in this situation in the first place!You will know you are healed when your body automatically stops craving the wrong kind of food. 
And that needs to happen as a natural transformation ­ not something that is forced.So yes, I don’t work with obesity. I work on where it is you are not accepting yourself? Why do you feel un­nurtured? What are you protecting yourself from? I talk to your fat cells in a trance state and find out why they are unhappy. I move into figuring where the issue lies.
And then we begin your healing with affirmations ­ an affirmation for 21 days. We work with weight loss meditation. After 21 days, we revisit the progress and if the progress is relatively slow, I move to hypnotherapy and regression techniques to break associations with past traumas. 
This process requires time and work from your end for sure ­ but the thing is, once you heal this way, there is no going back and forth!! We work from the root of the issue ­to your mind! And the power of your mind is infinite! This is the weight loss meditation that I usually prescribe in the first 21 days of healing work ­ an excellent place to start off! Listen to this guided meditation for weight loss at night before sleeping for best results!

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