Homeopathy Treatment For Vitiligo (Leucoderma)

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What is vitiligo or leucoderma?

Vitiligo (or leucoderma) is a condition where the skin loses its color in patches. This ailment is a pigmentation disorder where the pigment-producing cells or melanocytes in the skin are destroyed. The absence of such cells results in the evolution of white spots on the skin. Many homeopathic medicines exist for leucoderma (vitiligo) based on the individual constitution.

There are over thirty homeopathic medications for the treatment of vitiligo, depending on an individual’s probable causes of vitiligo. Genetic factors can be indicated by a family history of conditions like autoimmune disorders, tuberculosis, cancer, and hormonal disorders)  Other criteria include the nature and degree of vitiligo, reactive and behavior patterns, and other factors.

The hair growing in the affected region may also lose their color and turn grey. This disorder also results in psychological issues regarding appearances. Sometimes, in particular people (mainly the adolescents and the young), this anxiety may take monumental proportions, mostly when vitiligo develops on visible regions of the body, like the face, arms, hands, feet, or the genitals. They grow strong feelings of being ashamed, depressed, or worried about how others will respond.

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Homeopathic Medicine for Leucoderma (Vitiligo)

Homeopathic Medicine for Vitiligo (Leucoderma)

Homeopathy can provide effective healing in several cases of vitiligo. This benefit is a result of how the treatment enhances the natural production of pigments. According to homeopathic teachings, vitiligo is not a disease but an expression of an internal disturbed condition of the human body. Therefore, the cure should happen at a level where things have gone wrong. The individual is analyzed on several aspects of psychological and physical and familial characteristics.  Although many homeopathic medicines are known to give good results in vitiligo, the actual treatment of vitiligo is based on the true principles of homeopathic philosophy. Vitiligo is a chronic disorder and may take substantial time despite the best of the homeopathic remedy.

Arsenic Album: Arsenic Album is still another helpful treatment for vitiligo in persons prone to dry, rough skin. The skin complaint alternating with respiratory ailments such as asthma is a powerful pointer for using Arsenic Album. Warm applications over warm and skin drinks are highly desired. There are peculiar constitutional symptoms that let us select Arsenic Album in vitiligo therapy. The most obvious from them are fears and anxieties. This remedy can be indicated in persons who have fears, including death, disease, germs, and catching the disease.   Marked restlessness is often seen on both physical and mental planes in men needing Arsenic Album.

Phosphorus: This is a good treatment prepared by the potentization of inorganic phosphorus. It turns out to be a wonderful remedy capable of treating a wide assortment of diseases. Phosphorus chiefly acts on the skin, gastrointestinal tract, hepatobiliary system, blood, kidneys, bones, lungs, and nervous tissue. It’s often utilized in the homeopathic treatment of vitiligo (Leucoderma), baldness, respiratory infections, and more. A few of the common skin symptoms are reduction of pigmentation in stains, white discoloration of the skin. It is also used for skin infections in which the individual has much itching and burning of the skin; in urticaria, psoriasis. It is an effective medication for hemorrhagic spots occurring on the skin at different places.

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Calcarea Carb: Calcarea Carb is a high tier constitutional medicine for vitiligo. It’s prescribed to patients of vitiligo with milky white stains on the skin. In Homeopathy, constitutional symptoms are given utmost significance while picking medicine in any particular case. The first one is an inclination to free sweat over the head, neck, and torso. They are easily fatigued by exertion. The propensity to chronic constipation and obesity aids the collection of Calcarea Carb in vitiligo.

Kali Carbonicum: Potassium carbonate after the process of potentization evolves into a powerful deep acting homeopathic remedy named Kali Carb. Kali carb is a polychrest medication.  This means it has effects on multiple organs and organs within the body. It’s a wide sphere of activity and is useful for a broad assortment of diseases. Kali Carbonicum positively influences the skin, lungs, digestive tract, heart, liver, kidney, and female reproductive system. Kali Carbonicum helps in cases of asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis, pneumonia, hydrothorax, etc.. It’s one of the widely used remedies for vitiligo, psoriasis, urticaria, sciatica, baldness, trigeminal neuralgia, and more. Additionally, it is useful for complaints of the digestive tract such as jaundice, gastritis, acidity, or piles.

Sepia: Sepia is another essential remedy in the record that’s selected constitutionally in vitiligo therapy. Constitutional symptoms that signal the use of sepia are — using an indifferent approach towards life and loved ones. They show aversion towards relatives and friends who were loved with affection. They lack interest in doing any work. The tendency to prevent both bodily or mental labor is present. They are always depressed with marked irritability, desire to be alone, and an aversion to consolation or sympathy.

Silicea for Vitiligo: Silicea is helpful with vitiligo when selected according to the constitutional makeup of the individual. The symptoms that signal using Silicea are pale and waxy skin; tendency to excessive perspiration on feet and hands; trend to eruptions with pus formation in various body components; tendency to catch a cold regularly; lean, lean bodily makeup. There are just a few feature mind symptoms that need attention when picking Silicea. Silica is chemically inert in its normal form, but after potentization, it changes to deep acting remedy. Silica is called a polychrest remedy as it has a broad spectrum of action, useful for a broad assortment of disease processes.

Sulfur for Vitiligo: Though sulfur is said quite low down in the listing for treating vitiligo, its value is equal to preceding narrated medicines. Sulfur is a deep acting medication used regularly in the treatment of skin ailments, including vitiligo. It goes deep within the simple root cause to annihilate the disease to its complete extent. The men requiring Sulphur usually demonstrate a philosophical mindset. They are popularly called’ragged philosophers.’ Their mind is continually occupied with a variety of theories and plans. Because of this, they suffer from mental fatigue and absent-mindedness. They take minimum care for their physical appearance and also show aversion to bathing.  Aside from all symptoms above, burning sensations in various body components could be present in addition to white spots. An additional ordinary craving for sweets may also be revealed as a constitutional symptom

Syphillinum: Syphilinum is part of a group of homeopathic medications called nosodes prepared from diseased tissues. The remedy prescribed is through potentization in homeopathy. Syphillinum is a deep acting remedy affecting several systems of the body. It may benefit the brain, sensorium, skin, gastrointestinal tract, genito-urinary system, nerves, and bones. It’s a precious remedy to fight hereditary syphilitic trends in patients. Syphillinum is frequently utilized in the homeopathic treatment of vitiligo, recurrent abscesses, alcohol addiction, and rheumatic complaints. It is a useful drug to fight diseases that are harmful and are deep-seated.

Nitricum Acidum: As its name implies, this medication is prepared from nitric oxide. The treatment is effective only after it undergoes the process of potentization. Nitricum Acidum is a deep-acting, constitutional remedy that benefits the skin, gastrointestinal tract, glands, nerves, and bones. It’s one of the widely used medications for vitiligo, warts, ulcers, fissures, gastritis, bony and rheumatic affections, malignancy, cachexia, and hemorrhoids.

Carcinosin:  Carcinosin is a constitutional drug for many ailments.  It benefits the brain, lungs, heart, eyes, skin, bones and joints, nerves, etc.. It’s one of the widely used remedies for ailments like vitiligo (Leucoderma), hair loss, asthma, trigeminal neuralgia, and insomnia. Homeopathy considers that genetic predisposition or inherent susceptibility is usually the origin of a wide assortment of ailments and Carcinosin in one such remedy that’s used to efficiently fight these genetic tendencies.

Hydrocotyle Asiatica: This is a remedy that’s prepared from the plant known as Indian Pennywort. The tincture from the entire fresh plant is employed for the preparation of the remedy. After undergoing the process of Potentization, the curative powers of the remedy are caused. This is a good remedy for vitiligo. It’s supposed to trigger the process of pigmentation. It’s also beneficial for other skin problems like psoriasis, psoriasis, leprosy, acne, and other skin disorders where there is much exfoliation of the epidermis. This medication is often prescribed in conjunction with a constitutional medication or alternative deeper acting medication to get the best effect.

Natrum Muriaticum: Natrum Muriaticum is an intriguing illustration of homeopathic medicine prepared from common salt (sodium chloride) after potentization. Constitutionally, this medication has a wide spectrum of activity and is useful for a broad assortment of disease processes affecting the skin, lungs, kidney, metabolism, gastrointestinal organs, nose, muscles, mind, and hormonal system. It’s one of the widely used remedies for vitiligo, baldness, anal fissures, urticaria, migraine, and eczema. Natrum muriaticum is often prescribed in vitiligo cases and is one of the very good remedies for the same.

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Review of cases in homeopathy for vitiligo

Vitiligo, also referred to as leukoderma, is an autoimmune skin condition that leads to the reduction of melanin pigment. Vitiligo isn’t a rare condition but is hard to treat and is associated with psychological distress.

Case Reports: A set of 14 cases of vitiligo are shown which were treated with individualized homeopathic remedies that were based on plant, animal, or mineral compounds. There were 13 women and one man in the case series, with a mean age of 29 years. The mean time between the start of the appearance of vitiligo and the initial consultation at our practice was 96 months. Homeopathic treatment for patients is holistic and has been performed on an individualized basis as described in this case series. Photographic images of the skin are presented before and after therapy.

Researchers concluded that in the 14 patients with vitiligo treated with individualized homeopathy, the best results were achieved in the patients that were treated at the early phases of the disease. We think that homeopathy may be effective in the early stages of vitiligo, but large controlled clinical studies are required in this region.

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