Nightshade Vegetables & Inflammation

Recent years have witnessed a massive debate on whether nightshade vegetables are good or bad for health. There are critics and supporters both passionately weighing in on this debate. But, what exactly are nightshade vegetables, and are they bad for your health?  A persistent myth about arthritis involves preventing the nightshade family of vegetables, of which berries, white potatoes, eggplant, and bell peppers are all members.

Some folks blame arthritic swelling, stiffness, and pain on a buildup of solanine, a bitter-tasting compound found in nightshade plants.

It's a fact that solanine is among those glycoalkaloids which make"deadly nightshade" deadly, and green potato leaves, sprouts, and stalks poisonous. According to Cleveland Clinic, it's highly improbable that avoiding the trace quantities of solanine found in nightshade vegetables will relieve your arthritic inflammation or pain. Research to support this claim simply is not there. Moreover, it would be a shame to remove these nutritious foods out of your diet.

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