Natural inflammation remedies for chronic pain

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What is pain?

Pain:  Simply, the body’s signal to the organism that something is wrong. This is your body giving you warning signals to get your attention. Usually due to an injury to tissues. 

What is inflammation?

Inflammation: Simplified: The body’s protective defense and immune response to damaged or injured tissues at the expense of normal tissue. Important to realize that there are two types of inflammation: injury or chronic. Chronic is considered the root cause of most human conditions and diseases. 

Technically: When homeostasis (balance) is disrupted by noxious conditions, including infection or tissue damage, homeostasis control mechanisms are not sufficient to maintain or restore homeostasis. It is under these conditions that inflammatory control mechanisms are engaged in order to eliminate the noxious stimulus and to restore homeostasis. To perform these critical functions, inflammatory control mechanisms modify the functional states of tissues and organs in a way that is usually antagonistic to the homeostatic control mechanisms. This means your tissues are out of balance and not functioning properly. If this persists long term or becomes chronic, the body remains in a state of imbalance, and problems arise. 

Natural fixes for temporary relief

Simple natural fixes for temporary relief: 

1. Topical: 

a. Epson salt/baking soda baths – 1 C of each in warm, not too hot water (Epson salts cheap @99 cent store) 

b. Arnica gel – homeopathic rub on the area in question for pain from strains, sprains, bruising

c. Capsaicin – creams/rubs/patches  

d. DMSO – an herbal extract rub that penetrates through the skin, dissolves scar tissue, decreases inflammation, & stimulates healing. It can be applied several times daily with a cotton ball wiped towards heart & wiped off if it gets hot. Specific for joints but helps for most things.  

2. Foods: 

a. Omega 3s: found in most cold-water fish/shrimp (not farmed) but can get in supplement form as fish/krill oils (make sure to buy in brown bottles to prevent light oxidation) reduces inflammation of arthritis, lubes platelets to decrease cardiovascular problems @1000-2000 mg/day. I take a combo of both.  

b. Foods: Walnuts/spinach/kale/broccoli/rosemary/hot peppers/apples/onions/pineapples/flaxseed/olives- olive oil/berries/cayenne pepper/celery/celery seeds/cherries/dark green  

3. Botanicals/Herbals/Spices/Supplements: (besides the usual glucosamine/chondroitin/hyaluronic acid)

 a. MSM (needs 50 mcg molybdenum supplement if long term use) = caps/cream 2,000 mg/day. 

b. Boswellia (frankincense) – Indian herb 1000 mg ext. (400 mg Boswellia acids)/day = decreases inflammation/pain/swelling, increases flexibility/walking distance 90% in 1st 8 wks. Can rebuild cartilage (I went from bone on the bone to full knee cartilage repair/rebuild). 

c. White willow bark extract – “natural” aspirin (synthetic’s origin) w/o side effects/more effective. 

d. Devil’s claw – (not if ulcers/preg./Coumadin) 1200-2500 mg/day aqueous ext. (also powdered = 5-10 g/day) for pain – similar to ibuprofen/cortisone/outperformed Vioxx®.

 e. Mustard seed extract (drops) – stops joint pain, back strain, ankle sprains, golfer’s elbow, & arthritis. 

f. Turmeric/curcumin/ginger – all detox & reduce inflammation. Turmeric + black pepper increases its bioavailability 100 fold. Take every day 1000-3000 mg. 

g. Bromelain – 500mg 3x/day – an enzyme from pineapple stems. Decrease inflammation/pain/swelling/& speeds healing. Thins blood = not w/Coumadin®, fish oil, or Vit E. h. Ashwagandha or “Indian Ginseng” – Ayurvedic remedy for fatigue/memory/asthma/bronchitis/ psoriasis/ arthritis/stress/anxiety/exhaustion/inflammation/anti-epileptic effect. Only a few human studies so far. 1,000-3,000 mg/day 

i. Quercetin – a powerful antioxidant & beneficial in regulating inflammation response & strengthening the immune system, anti-histamine, heals leaky gut

 j. Dr. Osborne’s combo 30-day dosage: ✓5 caps quercetin ✓ 5000 mg Vit C ✓5 caps turmeric/curcumin ✓600 mg magnesium citrate

Chronic inflammation

The bigger picture: Chronic inflammation 

Inflammation can be linked to foods/food sensitivities such as refined carbs, gluten, grains, sugar, bad fats (trans fats), GMOs, pesticides, heavy metals, vaccines, and medications (OTC/NSAIDs/prescriptions including antibiotics, aspirin, ibuprofen,…) leading to leaky gut. 

This is when toxic irritants inflame the intestinal wall creating openings (holes) for intestinal content to pass out into the bloodstream triggering an immune response disabling tissue functions. Where can we start: Each of us has what I term a ‘genetic bucket.’ Your genes determine the size of your bucket as to how much toxic load you can handle before the body can no longer keep up with detox rate & bucket starts to overflow & you get symptoms. 

Moving to an organic paleo/ketogenic, veggie-rich diet or going organic vegan allows the gut to heal, the bucket to drain, alkalizes, & helps the body return to homeostasis reversing many health issues including root cause inflammation, autoimmune spectrum diseases like diabetes, obesity, MS, arthritis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, eczema, heart disease, allergies

I personally took this route & reversed 15 conditions, lost 40 yrs of pain, lost 90 lbs.      


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