Ayurvedic therapy herbs to increase breast milk to increase lactation

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Table of Contents

How This Helps

Dear Mother,

Your baby needs more milk day after day as he/she gets a bigger stomach each and every day. Surprisingly, the size of the baby stomach on the very first day is that of a cherry. On just the third day the stomach size is that of a walnut. On day seven, it is that of an apricot and on the thirteenth day, the stomach gains the size of an egg.

Hence, your baby needs…..at least 5-7 ml milk on the very first day, 20-27 ml milk on just the third day, 45-60 ml on the seventh day and 80-150 ml on the thirtieth day. Thus, you need enough breast milk supply to meet the “Growing” demand of the baby day after day as he/she gets a bigger stomach each and every day.

With sufficient milk in the first three months, the baby shall gain a weight of one ounce every day and half an ounce a day from the third to sixth month.

Any weight gain less than this is a definite indicator of a need for more milk feed and weight loss in the specified months indicates a deficiency in lactation.

With a good breast feed every day in the very first month, the baby usually passes three definite stools, wets seven to eight cloth diapers and has at least eight feedings a day.

There is no need of a panic in case you have a lactation deficiency. If you intend to breastfeed your baby, but your breast milk supply isn’t sufficient, what should you do?

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Got a Baby Recently?


But- do you have enough breast milk supply to meet the “Growing” demand of the baby day after day?

If not please read on.

Well, research shows breastfeeding is not just great for the baby, but it is also highly beneficial for the mother. Therefore, you may want to try out different holistic therapies for increasing your milk supply. You can consider different Ayurveda remedies you might use to pep up your breast milk supply.

What are the typcial reasons for low milk supply in some breastfeeding mothers? There may be various reasons that may reduce  the milk production of a breastfeeding mother : Breast surgery, specific medications, starting to  breastfeed your infant late, or if you suffer from medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, or obesity. It may also be due to premature birth.

Several Ayurvedic herbs may offer help.

a) Fennel seeds are fantastic for increasing the milk supply in breastfeeding mothers. These seeds improve the amount of estrogen in the body and estrogen is a hormone that also aids in generating more milk.

You may use fennel tea to make tea by infusing them in warm water for a couple of minutes. You may take this tea a few times a day. If you’re not so enthusiastic about tea, then you might chew a spoonful of seeds a couple of times in one day.

b) Torbagun Leaves are an excellent herb or ayurvedic medicine for breastfeeding. Torbagun leaves are popularly utilized in Bataknese cuisine, but these leaves have in use for centuries for enhancing the milk supply of the breastfeeding moms. You can use these awesome leaves in any form. You may make tea, soup or you might use the leaves in almost any dish and eat in on a regular basis.

c)  Fenugreek seeds are among the best herbs for breastfeeding mothers to increase milk production because they raise the amount of estrogen in the body. These seeds are also packed with galactagogue, making them great for the moms who would like to improve their breast milk supply. You might take a teaspoon full of fenugreek seeds and boil it in water. You may add a teaspoonful of honey to improve the taste. Drink this tea at least two to three times per day. 

d) Milk Thistle herb is terrific for eliminating toxins from the body and functions as a terrific tonic for the liver. Aside from that, this flowering plant has estrogenic properties and so assists the breastfeeding with the milk production.

e) Shatavari Ayurvedic herb was in use to overcome the issue of low milk supply in women. This herb is packed with a chemical which helps in regularising and keeping the hormonal balance in the body, thus helping in better milk supply. You may take this herb by mixing it in water. 

f) Cinnamon is a fragrant herb which enriches the tastes of many culinary dishes. However, for quite a long time, many breastfeeding mothers who suffer from insufficient milk supply have been using this herb to increase their milk flow. It’s also said to improve the flavour of breast milk.

Lactating moms may have cinnamon power by mixing it in warm water with a honey by adding it into the milk. You may take cinnamon for a month or 2 to see the gap in your milk supply.

g) Cumin Seeds are popular in Indian cooking, and these aromatic seeds are also considered an effective treatment for treating low milk production in breastfeeding mothers. Aside from dealing with the very low milk supply, these seeds are packed with iron, that is useful in providing the much-needed energy to a nursing mother. You can mix a teaspoonful of cumin seeds with some sugar and have this with warm milk before going to bed at night.

h) Garlic

This powerful ayurvedic herb is beneficial in increasing the secretion of breast milk. It’s also said to improve the flavour of the breast milk if a breastfeeding mother consumes it on a regular basis. Garlic may be utilised in any form on your day to day cooking.

i) Ginger is used for improving your breast milk supply. You may use ginger to spice up your routine tea or on your food preparations.

j) Anise herb is am aromatic herb an can help in treating your breast milk difficulties. This herb not only contains estrogenic properties but it’s also beneficial in unclogging the blocked milk ducts and so increasing your milk supply.


There are natural herbal galactopoietic nutrient supplements that promote lactation and ensures continuous and maximum milk supply for the growing milk demand of your baby.

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Before taking any of the breastfeeding herbs , please consult your doctor to ensure no adverse reaction can occur due to any medications you may be taking or allergies to certain chemicals..

Science and Research

Natural galactopoietics include extracts of common plant species like Asparagus racemosus, Trigonella foenumgraecum, Coleus amboinicus, Foeniculum vulgare, Silybum marianum, and Galega officinalis.

Apart from these, blessed thistle, alfalfa, anise, nettle, oatmeal, vervain, red raspberry leaf and marshmallow roots are known natural galactogogues that promote milk secretion.

These natural galactopoietics are harmless sans any side effects.

They promote milk secretion by activating β-endorphin and β-casein accumulation in the mammary glands, causing an increase in postpartum cortisol, prolactin and milk cholesterol. Some of them enhance the glycogen content of mammary gland and improve the development of lobulo-alveolar tissues of the breast to maintain milk secretion.

Since, the lactation deficiency occurs due to varied numerous reasons; you can get help with the right galactopoietic, pure herbal Ayurvedha nutrient supplement. 

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