How to increase libido naturally

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What causes low libido?

Sexual health possesses a profound
impact on the quality of life. Erectile dysfunction is a common sexual problem.
It is defined as the inability of the man to achieve and maintain an erection
sufficient for mutually satisfactory intercourse with his partner. Around 10-
52% of men and 25-63% of women suffer from sexual dysfunction related to
medical issues. Agents that enhance the sexual function and treat erectile
dysfunction in males are referred to as aphrodisiacs. [1] About 25% of women of
reproductive age and 50% of postmenopausal women suffer from diminished libido.
So if you thought you were alone in that, you aren’t. Additionally, it is
normal for sex drive to wane with time.

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How can you increase sex drive?

Your sexual drive is a pretty good
Indication of your overall health. That is because your libido is a direct
reflection of your overall hormonal balance and hormones are the master
regulators of virtually every system, organ and procedure in your body, such as
your emotions, mood, and consciousness itself. And this goes far beyond just
raising or lowering your testosterone and estrogen levels. There are almost a
hundred known hormones as of this writing, each one playing a crucial part in
your health and wellness. But despite being a massively intricate and complex
biological system, your libido levels are a simple way to enhance your body’s
overall health and functioning.

If your sex drive is strong and
responsive, you are probably in pretty good shape hormonally. But if it is not
quite where it should be and you’re having symptoms such as low libido or
desire, then it might be time to explore a few libido boosting herbs and herbs.
These achieve their effect by rejuvenating, balancing and regulating the endocrine system, that’s the master control of your circulating hormones.

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Herbs to increase libido in men & women

Many factors may impact sex drive,
like your relationship, stress level, dietary intake, or health. But if you do
not have some of these problems, how come you aren’t in the mood? Perhaps it’s
the hormones that affect sex drive.

Though we have not precisely
identified which hormones dictate sex drive, we do understand that hormones,
such as testosterone and estrogen, are abundant when we’re younger, and
decrease as we age.  Since we all know
our bodies are producing less estrogen and testosterone, a crucial determinant
of the production of the hormones is cortisol, the stress hormone.

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A wide range of synthetic
pharmaceutical aphrodisiacs is available in the market. However, the side effects
associated with these products can be quite significant. Natural ways to increase female libido and enhance male erection
time are studied from time to time. A list of ten natural libido boosters is given below:

Crocus Sativus
: This
herb is commonly known as saffron. It is a perennial herb having aphrodisiac
properties. Crocin and safranal are the two active constituents. Studies on
animal models show a reduction in ejaculation latency, an increase in erection
frequency, and improved sperm motility.[2]

Korean Red Ginseng
It is a potential women libido enhancer having
estrogenic properties. Estrogen improves the sexual desire by increasing the
blood flow to the vagina and by destroying the free radicals. Dried ginseng
powder can be used as an aphrodisiac agent by adding it to tea and coffee. [3]

Nutmeg and Clove
Common kitchen spices nutmeg and clove are potent aphrodisiac agents. 50%
ethanolic extract of clove and nutmeg has been used as an aphrodisiac in Unani
medicine formulations for ages. This extract enhances the mounting behavior and
mating performance in males. No short term side effects were reported during
the experimental studies. [4]

: Roots
of this shrub have been used in India since ages as a sexual tonic. It is a
perfect woman’s libido supplement and a booster sex tonic for men. Consuming
300mg ashwagandha daily enhances lubrication, orgasm, and pleasure in women. It
also increases the chances of conception by improving the quality of semen in
men. [5]

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Fennel and Anise
Extract from fennel and anise are natural
libido boosters. They exhibit estrogenic properties and stimulate arousal
in females. Anethole is the principal constituent of both the ingredients.
However, the active ingredients are the polymers of anethole, dianethole, and photo anethole. Extract from fennel and anise also acts as a powerful natural
galactagogue. This action was identified by the farmyard men while feeding
their cattle on leaves of fennel and anethole. This substantially enhanced the
milking of the cattle. Similar results are observed in humans. Preparing
synthetic estrogen from the extract of fennel and anise is quite simple and
requires a fundamental technology. Hence, this is a prevalent remedy to enhance
libido in women, Worldwide.[6]

The US
FDA has approved this native plant from West Africa for treating impotence in
males. Also, it is the only herbal drug to be listed in the Physician Index
Reference For The Sexual Function. It is even referred to as the herbal viagra.
Yohimbine acts by enhancing the blood flow to the penis and thereby prolonging
erection time. The stimulatory action of yohimbine increases arousal,
sensation, and stamina. Thus, it is powerful, and for the treatment of sexual
dysfunction. [7]

popularly known as Safed Musli, borivilianum is used to cure
impotence and enhance sexual performance in males. It has been used as a sex
tonic in Ayurvedic, Unani, Homeopathic and Allopathic systems of medicine. The
spermatogenic property of musli helps in curing impotence. Roots of this plant
contain the active ingredients, and hence, they are used in medicinal
preparations. [8]

Ginkgo Biloba:
herb potentiates arousal and helps in sexual dysfunctioning via more than one
pathway. It enhances the oxygenation of the tissues, protects blood vessels
from the damage via free radicals, restore the elasticity of the blood vessels,
and improves the blood flow. Thus, Ginkgo is a great sexual stimulant for both
men and women. A research was conducted to study the impact of Gingko on
impotent men. Studies reveal that consuming 60mg of Ginkgo for six months can
potentially cure erectile dysfunction in men. It directly enhances the blood
flow to the penis by stimulating the release of nitric oxide. This further
helps in achieving and maintaining an erection for a prolonged period. Gingko
is one of the main components of most of the aphrodisiacs circulating in the
market. [9]

Muira Puama:

Ptychopetalum olacoides, popularly known as the Muira Puama is a Brazilian
shrub. It has been used as an aphrodisiac for ages to promote virility and
treat impotence in males. The potential of Muira Puama to enhance the libido
and treating erectile dysfunctioning was proven by six human studies conducted
at the Institute of Sexology in Paris. As per the participants of the study,
Muira Puama had a “dynamic effect” on them. Muir puama, offers
additional benefits as well. It reduces fatigue, enhances sleep, and increases
morning erections as well. Out of all the participants, Muir puama was 100℅ of
the cases effective in treating Asthenia, 85% of patients reported improvement
in libido, and 90℅ of the facts show they improved for coital erection. [9]

Terrestris is one of the herbs widely studied for its aphrodisiac properties.
It works as a women’s libido booster and improves sexual performance in males.
Consumption of Tribulus increases the level of Luteinizing hormone by 72% and
that if free testosterone by 41%. This herb is very effective in increasing
sexual desire and prolonging an erection for better coitus. Protodioscin is
the active compound present in Tribulus. In the human body, Protodioscine
converts to DHEA, which brings about the aphrodisiac effects. These effects
include relaxing of corpus cavernosum tissues, which causes the erection. [9]


The ten herbs listed above are natural libido boosters. The main benefits of using natural ways to
increase libido are better efficacy with minimal side effects. They are very
easily available in the marketplaces and can be used for enhanced pleasure with

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