Diet Plan for Person With Thyroid Cancer

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Table of Contents

How This Helps

Papillary and follicular thyroid cancer is a type of
cancer caused by abnormal cells beginning to grow on the thyroid gland, which
is an important part of the endocrine system since it produces some of the
hormones in charge of metabolism regulation. Though it is an uncommon type of
cancer, it has positive treatment outcomes. 
The treatments include low iodine diet plan for one to two weeks before a
radioactive iodine scan or treatment, as it increases the effectiveness of the
treatment to destroy cancer cells.

Science and Research

The goal of a Low-iodine diet is for Thyroid patient to consume 50 micrograms of iodine a day for 1-2 weeks before treatment. This meal plan provides is designed for someone who needs about 1700 calories a day (about what is needed for a sedentary middle), without any other dietary restrictions apart from iodine. For this diet, you should avoid: Iodized salt, sea salt, seafood and products containing seaweed, agar, etc., dairy products, eggs yolks and foods containing eggs, breads using iodine, Red Dye #3, chocolate, soybeans, and tofu. 

This particular menu has 1615 kcal, 35.4g fat, 212.4g carbs, 116.4g protein. It is important to note that this Thyroid diet plan is relatively high in carbohydrates and proteins, as people battling cancer tend to need easily digested energy to stay healthy and maintain your weight and avoid tissue breakdown. Not everyone is the same, and your individual case should be evaluated in order to see what the best diet is for your particular case. 

All of the recipes and ingredients are approved by The Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association, The Thyroid Cancer Organization of Canada, The Light of Life Foundation, and from people living with or recovering from Thyroid cancer. 

Breakfast: Apple Morning Oats: Apple Cinnamon Compote with rolled oats


Nutrition Facts: 221 Kcal, 0.9g fat, 56.3g carbohydrates, 5.7g dietary fiber, 1.8g protein, 27% Vitamin C. Breakfast can often be difficult to follow a low-iodine diet if you are accustomed to eating complete fried eggs and sausage in the morning. This breakfast is filling, sweet, and satisfying, which can help you curb your cravings for salt. 

Morning Snack: 1 full-sized matzo cracker with 2 tablespoons hummus. 

Nutrition Facts: 157 kcal, 3.1g fat, 27.4g carbohydrates (9%DV), 2.5g carbs (9%DV), 2.5g dietary fiber (10%DV), 5g protein, 9% iron. Matzo crackers are unlike soda crackers or other commercial crackers in that they are not topped with salt and eggs are traditionally not acceptable as an ingredient. 

Lunch: Stuffed Sweet Green Peppers


Nutrition facts: 460 kcal, 11.2g fat (3.3g saturated fat) 48.6g carbohydrates (16%), 4.2g dietary fiber (17%), 39.7g protein, 19% vitamin A, 178% Vitamin C, 133% iron. This meal delivers all of the macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats, proteins) that you need for a healthy diet. Remember to use non-iodized salt for this and all recipes. 

Afternoon Snack: Egg Salad on Celery

Place the following ingredients in a food processor 

4 hardboiled egg whites 

1/2 peeled avocado 

1 tsp fresh, chopped onion

non-iodized salt and pepper to taste

8 celery stalks

Mix together the egg whites, avocado, onion, salt and pepper and grind to the desired consistency. Eat with a celery stalk.   

Makes 1 servings (great to keep in the fridge for snacks throughout the week)

Nutrition Facts: 160 kcal, 7.2g fat (12%), 9.2g carbohydrates (4%), 6.4g dietary fiber (24%), 16.8g protein. Most egg salad is made with mayo and egg yolks, both of which should be avoided on a LID. The avocado gives a great consistency to the egg salad and, together with the celery stalks, helps you get in a serving of vegetables. 

Dinner: Grilled Chicken with Peppers, Corn and Scallion Salsa 

Modifications: Serve with mashed sweet potatoes, with no skin.

Nutrition Facts: 484 kcal, 13g fat, 37.2g carbohydrates, 5.7g dietary fiber, 52g protein, 1`% vitamin A, 80% vitamin C, 40% Potassium. This homemade salsa is incredibly delicious and a very different addition to your regular grilled chicken with store-bought BBQ sauce. Since we want to avoid all store-bought and processed foods, since many of them are high in iodine, this is the healthier option for your thyroid and for the rest of your body!

Dessert: Homemade Raspberry Sorbet

Nutrition facts: 133 calories, 33.7g carbohydrates, 5.9g fiber, 1.1g protein. Dairy has iodine, which is why milk-based ice cream is off-limits for a LID. If you want, adding some honey as a topping can give the ice cream a little more consistency to curb dessert cravings.