Ayurveda Treatment protocol For Gallstones

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Ayurveda Treatment protocol For Gallstones

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  • A 90 Day Protocol to dissolve gall stones

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It is a specialized set of diet (pathya) guidelines and medication, which would be advised as per individual need, which will help in dissolving Gall stones

Diet (pathya) which is tailored as per his/her individual status, along with the required medicine for the required treatment period would be sent to the patient via courier
There is no 100% solution, atleast in medicine. However, before going for a surgery, it is always wise to give a try. However, successful cases have been already shared in the "Case Studies" section of my profile. One may go through and decide accordingly
Cholecystectomy (surgical removal of gall bladder) is an option available for the patient 24/7. So at any moment one can opt for it, but surgery is always a last resort. One may always try to find a medical solution for this problem, evidence of which is already shared in "Case Studies" section of my profile
Possible outcomes include reduced Gall stone size, or complete dissolving of the stones. If any patient is having frequent pain attacks, that would be effectively put under control with this diet and medicine. High cholesterol levels, which are also the cause for stone formation, will also be addressed, along with any underlying Liver problems. Negative outcomes include no response in stone size, which is also possible. Not every case may respond.
So far as per my experience, stones upto 2 cm in size, whether single or multiple, or entirely filling the gall bladder can possibly be cured. 
  • One has to strictly follow the diet (pathya) and medicine as advised.
  • Timely investigations (scanning/blood tests) have to be done once a month for 3 months
  • If there is any severe attack of pain, one has to inform me immediately, and approach nearby local physician and take necessary treatment to relieve pain, and later on continue our treatment. There is 10% chance of getting severe pain attack.  
Plan Name Ayurveda Treatment protocol For Gallstones
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About Me I specialize in treatment of Gallstones, also known as Cholelithiasis with consistent evidence based results. Apart from gallstones I excel treating in Arthritis, Skin Disorders, Thyroid dysfunction. I always focus on pathya (diet) and most minimal medicine, which is tailored as per individual need. The results of the cases I have treated can be cross verified in the Case Studies section of my profile