Top 7 Holistic Cancer Treatments and Therapies From A Naturopath

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Table of Contents

How This Helps

Having cancer is no more a terrifying thing in life. The patient must not feel like being the victim of misfortune. Modern scientific investigations and social situation are bringing about new treatment methods which can often become great alternatives or support for  the  conventional  treatments.  Cancer  is  no  more  a  disease  that  has  just  one  treatment option. The patients can now feel the power of alternative medicines in their own hands and thus, get more strength to face the battle of life. Through the process of extensive personal research,  the  cancer  patients  are  now  able  to  discuss  their  condition  and  treatment. I  have listed few holistic cancer treatments that can help with cancer cure.

Science and Research

1. Natural therapies:
There are several natural ingredients which give positive effects in cancer patients. Milk thistle retards the migrating ability of cancer cells and destroys the cancer tissues. The ingredients present in milk thistle actually stop the cancer cells from growing new blood vessels. Selenium is another herb that can reduce the risk of occurrence  of  cancer.  Food  supplements  consisting  of  green  tea  polyphenols, peperine, curcumin,  grape seed  extract, reservatrol, selenium  and  zinc  are  great for fighting  against  cancer.  All  the  mentioned  ones  are  able  to reduce  the  growth  of cancer cells and provide holistic treatments to curb cancer cells. 
2. Hoxsey Formula:

This is a unique tonic made from licorice, stilling root, barberry, red clover, prickly ash bark, buckthorn bark, cascara sagrada and potassium iodide and is known to fight against cancer effectively.
3. Scudder’s  Alternative Compound:
 This  is  another  unique formulation  consisting  of black alder, figwort, corydalis and yellowdock that can bring relief to cancer patients.
4. The Eli Jones Compound:
Another one in the list of unique formula. Being made with natural  ingredients  like  figwort,  yellowdock,  poke  root,  podophyllin,  American 
bittersweet, guaiacum wood, juniper berries and sassafras oil, this compound helps in strengthening the immune system of a cancer patient.
5. Herbal therapy for Cancer:
Herbs have been used as medicines since the inception of human  race.  Modern  scientific  research  has  been  able  to  unveil  several  unknown usefulness of common herbs. Alternative treatment for cancer has gained a lot from these investigations on herbs. For example, Astralgus is the herb that strengthens the immune system of a cancer patient and at the same time accelerates the regeneration of  good  tissues.  Codonopsis  provides  protection  against  harmful  effects  of radiotherapy. Moducare  plant  extract  kills  germs,  bacteria  as well  as  cancer  cells. I would  suggest  to  consult  with  your  naturopath  before  you  start  with  any  holistic cancer treatment or therapy. 
6. Boswellia Acis:
This is a chemical that is known to reduce the inflammation condition for brain cancer patients.
7. Stem  cell  and  killer  cess  procedure  activated  by  Lymphokine:
 The  stem  cells  are capable of repairing the organs as well as tissues which are damaged by cancer.
It  requires  mentioning  at  the  end  that  when  healthcare  providers  do  not  provide  all  the information about all possible treatment options to their patients, they actually do injustice to the suffering person as well as to their own profession. It is quite possible that several lives can be saved or at least, the suffering of several cancer patients can be reduced by exploring the alternative and holistic cancer treatments.