13 Alternative and Holistic Treatments for Cancer Care

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How This Helps

Media and drug companies make us believe that cancer cannot be cured. But the truth is not exactly what we are being told. Alternative medicine practitioners and natural healers stick to the  belief  that  meaningful  and successful  treatments  to fight  cancer  have  been  discovered several years ago, but the ideas were not popular enough simply for the enormous monetary factor related to the pharmaceutical companies all over the world.
It is true that generally known treatments like surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy have a positive effect in bringing remission to cancer but without proper maintenance and nutritional support, the condition is most likely to relapse and even increase in intensity.

Science and Research

In  the  following  list,  you  will  get  to  know  about  some  of  the  alternative  and  holistic treatments for cancer that can help bring substantial relief for patients:
1. Vitamin C (in high dose): Vitamin C is proved as toxic to cancer cells. Making use of  intravenous infusion of high dose Vitamin C leads to the creation of huge amounts of hydrogen peroxide and thus killing the cancerous cells.
2. Therapy with hydrogen peroxide: This is a newly developed method and the result is far  more  effective  as  compared  to  the  previous  ones.  Use  of  food  grade  hydrogen peroxide is used in this particular therapy.
3. Essiac: Essiac is the alternative treatment for cancer and is popularly known as the 4 herb  tea.  The  Canadian  nurse  named  Rene  Caisse  made  use  of  natural  ingredients using Burdock,  Sheep  Sorrel, Indian Rhubarb  and  Slippery Elm Bark  to make  this herbal drink and got extraordinary results in treating cancer patients.
4. Pet  Therapy:  Successful  treatments  for  cancer  involve  well­being  of  the  mind  and soul. Pet therapy is such a method that helps a cancer patient to get rid of loneliness and  depression.  Having  the  company  of  a  loving  pet  is  helpful  in  providing  the positive mindset and thus, can bring about wellbeing of the patient.
5. Acupressure:  It  is  nothing  but  a  massage  technique  that  can  provide  relief  from toxins  as  well  as  physical  and  mental  tension.  This,  in  turn,  lets  the  organs  work smoothly and strengthen the immune system of the body.
6. Techniques to relax: Relaxation of the body is extremely important while a person is fighting against cancer. Aromatherapies, music therapy, Chi lel Oi Gong, Tae Kwon Do are some of the ancient therapies that can bring about relaxation.
7. Treatment with ozone: Ozone is known to be a great ingredient to fight the infection causing bacteria. Ozone therapy for  cancer patients helps to decrease the growth of cancer cells.
8. Laetrile  treatments:  Laetrile  is  derived  from  kernels  of  apricot  and  is  helpful  in lowering the harmful effects of chemo and radio therapy. It also releases cyanide and thus destroys cancer cells.
9. Nutrition therapy: As mentioned  earlier,  nutrition is  a  key factor for the success  of conventional  cancer  treatments.  A  cancer  patient  has  to  ensure  that  the  food  is nutritious and at the same time low in fat and oil contents. Diet regime with required amounts of vitamins, minerals, whole grains, vegetables and lots of juices are sure to make a patient healthy.
10. Emotional  and  spiritual  support:  Wellbeing  of  the  patient’s  mind  is  of  utmost importance in fighting  cancer. Prayers  and support from the family help in fighting against  the  stress  that  a  cancer  patient  has  to  deal  with.  There  is  nothing  more powerful as love and care.
11. Sodium Bicarbonate: Sodium Bicarbonate is known to increase the pH level in blood and  thus  making  it  highly  alkaline.  The  tumor  cells  thrive  best  in  the  acidic atmosphere and thus, making the blood alkaline will result in retarding the growth of cancer cells. Along with this factor, sodium bicarbonate is able to increase the body’s tolerance towards alternative therapies.
12. Nutraceuticals  and vitamin supplements: There  are nutrition supplements which can lessen the negative effects of chemotherapy. Melatonin is a good way to fight against such conditions.
13. Boosting  the  treatment  methods:  There  are  certain  foods  which  can  boost  the effectiveness  of  medical  treatments.  Fish  oil  is rich  in  vitamin  D  and  is  known  to boost the effectiveness of conventional cancer therapies. This particular vitamin can also retard the growth of cancer cells.


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