Diet vs. Exercise Debate For Weight Loss

What is the most important thing that leads to weight loss? Is it exercise, or is it diet? In the debate between diet vs. exercise, there are many supporters of either side. When you first think about it, dieting seems to be the obvious right answer for losing weight. The reasoning behind this is that we end up gaining weight when we consume more calories than what is needed. Therefore, it makes sense that reducing our calorie intake will lead to weight loss. 

However, the fact is that this is not usually a sustainable method of weight loss. This is because, after some time, people go back to their old eating habits. What's worse is that due to a sense of deprivation from their favorite foods, people tend to eat more, causing them to gain back all the weight they had lost. 

Since dieting alone is not the answer to sustainable weight loss, it makes sense to incorporate an exercise regime into your weight loss program. 

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