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Publish Date
October 12, 2018
55 Years, Female, White
Medical Condition
Chronic Pain
Medical History


55 year old patient had been suffering from severe chronic back pain since my teens – over 40 years!!!! In 1988, she was diagnosed with two ruptured discs in her lower back and surgery was scheduled immediately.  Six surgeries over the next 3 ½ years (including the removal of my tailbone) left her in constant and persistent debilitating pain and her life revolved around watching the clock for the next time that I could take her next dose of  pain medication. In 1999, it was recommended that she had a morphine intrathecal pump implanted in her body that would provide with a continual flow of a “cocktail” of medication which included morphine, a numbing medication and a muscle relaxant.  For a while, this greatly improved her overall condition but over the next eight years, she was taking over 25 pills a day for a variety of problems which included additional medication for pain, muscle relaxants, nerve pain, etc. By 2005, she was using a cane and by the summer of 2006, she was not only using a cane but now I also needed a walker.  She was spending a minimum of 18 hours a day in bed, unable to work, and felt my life wasn’t worth living anymore. She was referred to us through a pain management doctor who recommended that Acupuncture might help.

Case Management


We had our first meeting and assured that there is “hope” that wonderful expectation that she could be helped. I started her acupuncture sessions twice a week and by her 9th visit, she stopped using a cane and/or walker. Her pain had lessened considerably.  She was now only taking five pills a day instead of twenty-five and three of these pills were vitamin/health supplements.

She doesn’t need additional pain medication or muscle relaxants and no longer need medication for nerve pain. She had her morphine pump dialed “backwards” as she didn’t require the amount of morphine that was being pumped into her system 24 hours a day.  

She started exercising and walking on a daily basis – something she said could only dream about a short time ago.

In Patient’s Own Words:

I’m getting “cabin fever” because I’m feeling so good, I want to get up and go………………..!  My entire life is changing. I can’t remember the last time I felt this good!!!

It is absolutely unbelievable what Dr. Rodrigues has done for me over the past four months when I have suffered for the past thirty years!  I am no longer living a life filled with despair wondering how long I can stand this life of pain. I need wonder no more. I just know one thing for certain.  I thank God every day for bringing Dr. Rodrigues into my life.

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