How To Reset Your Body Naturally?

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In our modern world, many of us have busy, stressful lives that can affect our physical and mental health. We may find ourselves feeling tired, bloated, and sluggish. We may struggle with maintaining a healthy weight or managing chronic conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes. While many treatments and medications are available to help manage these issues, sometimes the best solution is to take a step back and reset our bodies naturally. Here, we explore some productive strategies for resetting your body naturally and achieving optimal health.

Get plenty of restful sleep

One of the most essential things you can do to reset your body is to ensure you get enough restful sleep each night. Sleep is a crucial time for the body to repair and rejuvenate, and lack of sleep can lead to many health problems, including weight gain, mood disorders, and immune dysfunction. To ensure that you get quality sleep, try to establish a consistent sleep schedule, avoid caffeine and alcohol before bed, and produce a relaxing sleep environment free of distractions.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is another important aspect of resetting your body. Water is essential for managing lubricating joints and body temperature and transporting nutrients and oxygen to cells. Drinking enough water can also help flush toxins out of the body and prevent constipation. Aim to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily, and more if you exercise or in a hot climate.

Eat a balanced diet

Eating a healthy, nutrient-rich diet is key to resetting your body naturally. Eat whole, unprocessed foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Avoid foods high in sugar, salt, and saturated or trans fats, as these can contribute to inflammation and chronic disease. Listen to your body’s hunger and fullness signals and avoid overeating or restrictive dieting.

Practice stress management

Stress is a common problem in our fast-paced, modern world and can wreak havoc on our bodies and minds. To reset your body naturally, it’s important to practice stress management techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, yoga, or tai chi. These practices can help lower cortisol levels, reduce inflammation, and promote feelings of relaxation and well-being.

Move your body regularly.

Regular physical activity is another important component of resetting your body naturally. Exercise can help improve cardiovascular health, boost mood, and strengthen muscles and bones. Aim to engage in a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate to intense exercise most days of the week, such as cycling, brisk walking, or swimming. You can also incorporate strength training and flexibility exercises into your routine for added benefits.  

Detoxify your body

Detoxifying your body can also help reset your system and promote optimal health. While many detox products and programs are available, natural ways to support your body’s natural detoxification processes are also available. These include drinking plenty of water, eating a nutrient-rich diet, avoiding processed foods and excess sugar and salt, and incorporating detoxifying herbs and spices such as ginger, turmeric, and dandelion root into your diet.

Get plenty of fresh air and sunlight.

Getting outside and exposing your body to fresh air and sunlight can also help reset your body naturally. Sunlight is an important vitamin D source for strong bones, healthy immune function, and other important bodily processes. Fresh air can also help boost mood and energy levels and provide a sense of relaxation and well-being. Aim to spend at least 30 minutes outside daily, and consider incorporating activities such as hiking or gardening into your routine.

Cut out processed foods.

Processed foods are often rich in sugar, salt, and unhealthy fats, leading to weight gain, high blood pressure, and other health issues. Eliminating processed foods and eating whole foods can help reset your body and improve your overall health.

Whole foods are minimally processed and contain no added sugars or artificial ingredients. Examples include fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Try to cook more meals at home using whole food ingredients.

Take breaks from technology.

Technology can be a great tool, but it can also be a source of stress. Constantly checking emails, scrolling through social media, and watching TV can lead to feelings of anxiety and overwhelm.

Try to take breaks from technology throughout the day. Turn off your phone during meals or when spending time with loved ones.

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is the use of being present at the moment and focusing attention on your thoughts and feelings. Practicing mindfulness can reduce stress, improve mental health, and increase feelings of happiness.

 Try to set aside a few minutes each day to practice mindfulness. You can also include mindfulness into your daily routine, such as focusing on your breath while brushing your teeth.
In conclusion, resetting your body naturally can benefit your physical and mental health. Adopting healthy habits such as getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, eating a balanced diet, and engaging in regular exercise can support your body’s natural ability to heal and regenerate.

Here we discuss this with Oliver, a naturopathist, to get her thoughts on this topic.

NourishDoc: Hello, everyone. It’s almost spring, and then spring is a time for cleansing ourselves; how we cleanse and reset our body is the topic of our discussion today with Oliver Sanchez. He is a certified naturopath, nutritionist, and chef. He’s joining me live from the UK. Thank you so much for joining me.

Naturopath Oliver: Well, thank you very much for inviting me today. We are approaching spring, so a subject to address today.

What Do We Mean By Resetting Your Body?

NourishDoc: Let’s understand how to reset your body. What does that mean?

Naturopath Oliver: All right, resetting the body means a lot of things different to many different people. So, for example, some people will say oh, I need to reset my forehead, I need to reset my adrenals, or I need to reset my brain, which means that you need to start from scrap from a certain point which means that whatever you have been doing before what not working.

So when you want to use that term, reset, it means that what you have been doing has led to where you are today, where maybe you are not healthy, where you are not happy, or maybe your mental health is still not optimal. Your well-being overall is not optimal either. So the importance of resetting the body is to say that I’m taking responsibility for my health today, which is what I will do.

So obviously, many people don’t have the same exposure to the same, so extracting what is right for you is not easy. Again, it might not work for you when I recommend or suggest certain things because we are all different. So when we are looking at resetting, let’s say, the thyroids, what we want now is to avoid any food that will lead to kind of a hyperpermeability of the gut lining that will literally kind of create a crematorial response that will eventually kind of be directed to the thyroid. Therefore the thyroid will be under trouble and then obviously if nothing is done we continue to meet wheat, we continue to eat dairy.

We know that those products have a cost of activity with sales of thyroid glands. So when we look at this, now we know that we need to reset our body in a way that we need to avoid some food. However, if we want to reset the adrenal body, we want to focus on a more nutrient-dense diet; we need to bring all the building blocks and core factors required for the adrenal to secrete all the stress hormones and to secret those sexual steroid hormones as well.

So they all have different actions in the body. However, hormones secreted by the thyroid and secreted by the adrenals will both have repercussions on the body’s antioxidant tissue. So when we want to reset, we want to either take off something that is not good for us or put out things that are good for us. So usually, I always recommend people to do a food and thyroid test to see where they are today and see what food they really should eliminate from the diet anyway, at least for the next three to six months, so that they give them a basic to where to start to work.

But then again, it is essential to eliminate all the problematic foods, gluten, and dairy products, especially for conventional farming methods. So, it’s better than going for organic but eating less of them, but then it will also mean that we eat better. So when we eat better, we know that the body will react better as well to the food that we eat, so that will create fewer problems down the line and less inflammation and less problem for the gut later on as well as the digestive tract and particular the colon where the bacteria play a huge role.

So again, when we say we eat, we eat trillions and feed the bacteria. So when we are choosing a certain food, then this food will eventually be a source of energy for the bacteria or will be used as a source of fluid for the bad bacteria, which will then produce pro-inflammatory markers which literally will lead to our well-being being kind of sabot ashed in a way and that I started with our choice of food. So that was the food in itself in a very quick presentation.

But then again, we also go into a lifestyle. We need to move for everything to move inside of us. So, for example, we know that stagnation. So having a sedentary lifestyle can lead to stagnation and constipation in the digestive tract. However, it can also lead to stagnation of thought, rumination, and cognitive dysfunction, where brain fog, low consent, and memory are key factors. So, now we are looking to implement lifestyle changes that support our health, well-being, and mental well-being. So we want to focus on everything nourishing the body and mind.

So we want to move; we want to have exercises that are in tune with our bodies because, for example, not every exercise will fit everybody’s diary and schedule, and meditation is not for everyone. So people trying to meditate and it’s not working, that is highly understandable because people with a strong constitution find it extremely difficult to relax. They will exercise until they’re exhausted because when they are exhausted then, they can fall asleep.

So this acid much time in practice, and I have to say more I’m a woman as well are suffering from hormonal disbalance because of the way they don’t sleep properly, the way they work too hard, and the way they are stressing their body too much. So again, it’s all about putting everything back into balance.

Is There A Need For Detoxification & Cleansing?

NourishDoc: Wow, that’s beautiful what you said. So now, there’s much talk about detoxification and also cleanses, like, we’re going to see so many advertisements on cleansing and so, do you want to talk a little bit about how often should we cleanse or not? That’s number one.

Naturopath Oliver: Exactly. So, detoxification is a field that I’ve passionate about. I have written a book; it should be out in about a month or two and is coming as a second part to energize my previous book. It was all about diet and lifestyle. However, this one is just dedicated to detoxification.

I don’t recommend people detoxifying alone without supervision, especially if they’re trying to detoxify heavily, because we understand that it’s true that our body detoxifies every day. Our cells detoxify every day. They have pathways in place to help the body get rid of toxins. We know that the lymphatic system inside the brain is only operational during deep sleep.

If you don’t reach deep sleep, you cannot detoxify the brain from all toxins, leading to inflammation. Therefore, you should help your body detoxify and sleep to help it. Without proper sleep, you won’t be able to detoxify, so whatever you try to do will create more problems down the line, and it will not resolve the issue. If we look at liver detoxification, yes, we can support liver detoxification. We can promote the release of fat and the concentration of bile so that we produce more.

Then we can release more at once, which is essential for digesting fat and assimilating all the fat-soluble compounds. However, this is done with food when we look to support liver function. This is done with bitter food. Everything that stimulates our liver function, such as curcumin, brassicas, and green leafy vegetables, supports liver function.

But we also know that we need amino acids, so we need protein to have proper elimination with that, a normal intake of protein, then maybe the liver is not working enough because it doesn’t have the building blocks to do what it does best, and that is to detoxify and get rid of the toxin and then quit them via the elimination channels. So now again, what we’re looking at is detox, but if you need a proper diet, you are missing the building blocks essential for liver function.

So now, if, for example, you are taking a supplement that releases toxins from your fat tissue or losing weight too fast because you are on a calorie-restricted diet. Now, what is happening is that all the stocks will end up in the liver and other ones in the life because it does not there deal with them, and what it would do is that it will package them once again and send them back to the fatty tissue to be able to deal with them at a later stage.

So what’s happening now is that you accumulate toxins, usually manifested by many symptoms depending on your weakest organ. It can end up on the skin. So it would be skin issues, acne, audacity, and many other things, psoriasis as well. If you are stressed simultaneously, it can also manifest as gut tissue. It could be bloating, diarrhea, or all of its things, and what’s happening now is that you are having symptoms of toxin overload, and your measure created that.

So that is why it’s very important when you want to detox. If you want to detox for a very specific reason is essential to do it supervised by a health practitioner because then there will be about to guide you and use proven protocols to work that may be adapted to you. After all, if you do it alone, you’re doing something wrong; you might take a few days to realize what has been done.

You might end up with many issues there because what is happening is that that toxin, especially if you’re constipated, will end up back in the liver. However, you also have stocks coming from the fatty tissue. Then now, they are overwhelming the liver, and what’s happening there is that when you have our kind of factors playing simultaneously, this will also impact the gut microbiome.

As a result, they will also produce endotoxins, and endotoxin is also extremely inflammatory to liver tissue. So now what you’re having is that you’re having liver inflammation and a toxic overload. All of this is because you didn’t detoxify properly, went too fast, or tried to lose weight too fast. So everything comes into play; therefore, your well-being and health will pay the highest price.

Inflammation & Cleansing

NourishDoc: Wow. That’s a lot of information. So many people like us will end up going into a three-day juice cleanse; that’s all these companies selling, right? Or some week of mono diet cleanse. What are your thoughts on those things that people are advocating, and so much marketing is being done?

Naturopath Oliver: Absolutely. So, because I’m not a professional chef with over thirty years of experience, I have been contacted to make many retreats. I also use my nutrition and naturopathic medicine to create food adapted to the body and the retreat. However, when I’m told, oh, we are making a detox retreat, I always say straight away I’m sorry; I don’t want to be part of this because you cannot shock the body of the people who are coming to the retreat on day one.

You need to prepare the body for detox, so when people come for one week, they come for two weeks. On day one, they have their first juice, And then they have a cold soup for dinner. But then yesterday, they had McDon or junk food that the body needs to deal with. But now, you are activating all those detoxification channels, but the body is not prepared.

It’s not prime for dealing with all the kinds of toxic overloads that it has been dealing with for so many years. I’ve seen it many times when people say, oh, after two days in the retreat, I have beautiful hair, and my skin is better, but after one week, they are worse than before. They are fatigued; the body can’t deal with it, and they can’t sleep properly because the liver keeps them awake at night.

After all, according to traditional Chinese medicine, we know that the liver is more energetically active during the hours of one and three in the morning. So, people who do wake up at the same time every night, between the hour of one or three AM, or dealing with liver issues because what’s happening is that the temperature, the body temperature is raised because the liver is overwhelmed and overwhelmed and that we know that the liver is one of the furnaces keeping our temperature high during the day.

Then we should not have elevated body temperature at night because if we do, we will wake up. After all, this is a trigger for the brain, signaling danger. We should not have elevated body temperature at night. So that is why all of this when it comes to detox. You have to prepare the body. It’s not like, tomorrow I stop smoking because some people can do it and others can’t.

But the problem is, if you say to your body, oh, tomorrow we going to have juice for two weeks, and your body will be like, excuse me, what were you doing? Yesterday you tried to kill me, and now you tried to kill me the other way. So, it’s mixed messages, and a body can’t understand those messages at all, and it will create more problems down the line.

Awareness For Perfect Resetting

NourishDoc: That’s much information. Thank you so much. We all try to shock our bodies. Like you just said that suddenly we are doing this and then this and then that nothing happens, and the same story again because people know. We need education like you are doing to all of us right now.

Naturopath Oliver: Absolutely because for me, like, oh, I’m going to have a detox tea, for example; that’s fantastic. You can add this to your daily routine for the whole month of January or February if you want to, or maybe during the spring; that’s fine, but saying you will have juice for two weeks is a big difference.

So again, you want to focus on nutrient-dense food that supports a liver function that promotes the flow of bile and then we can look at what is good for the body after that. But, when you do this, you must avoid all those problematic foods. It will help if you avoid gluten. You must avoid dairy products. You must avoid all the foods you are hypersensitive to because you don’t want to create more pollen while trying to clean the body. You don’t want anything to inflame the tissue.

NourishDoc: Okay, thank you so much. This is a quick ten, 15-minute session we bring daily, giving everyone ten minutes of wellness tips. These are more than ten minutes of wellness tips Oliver has given us. So, thank you so much, and we look forward to partnering with you more on bringing some workshops, check us out, and keep supporting us. Thank you, and have a great week, rest of the week. Thank you very much.


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