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Connect with holistic medicine providers who use proven protocols to improve outcomes

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You are unique, and your wellness plan should be unique as well


Smarter way to find best evidence based providers and therapies to heal naturally

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Understanding you as a whole rather than a limited observation of symptoms .

Get Therapies To Heal The Root Cause

Proven diet, lifestyle, mindfullness and other therapies that work for you.


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Leverage from research studies, case studies, and scientific breakthroughs. No Guesswork.

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Select providers who have successful outcomes with others like you.

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Your values and preferences are central in working with proven therapies and experts. Healthier, Faster.


Integrative Medicine Healing Backed By Science

See how complementary medicine can benefit your chronic condition. Compare outcomes, success stories, case studies, and the latest research in holistic medicine with Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Functional Medicine, Diet therapy, Yoga, Homeopathy, and other therapies. Discover how leading providers are optimizing therapies by fusing modern medicine and alternative medicine. See natural therapies based on system biology that worked for others like you — and feel confident to make the right decision.

Heal the root cause with top CAM practitioners. Compare outcomes from integrative practitioners and hospitals across the world. You can ask questions and have online or in-clinic consultation from providers best matched to heal your condition. Driven by outcomes of holistic therapies and lifestyle approaches, experts can address the root cause to restore your optimal health. A positive outcome for your health is what it’s all about.

Review wellness plans. Find personalized wellness plans designed by experts for your health concern. Many include consultations, lab tests, educational materials, supplements and more – so be sure to evaluate what is best for you. Your practitioner may also suggest a personalized plan just for you.