Creamy Macaroni Pasta with Cashew Cheese and Broccoli

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How This Helps

Cashew Mac and Cheese is a great vegan dish rich in healthy fats and very low in saturated fat. It also a good source of protein. The whole-grain noodles are an excellent source of fiber which can help with constipation. The dark green color of broccoli provides antioxidants to protect your body. Fruit such as bananas and applesauce can help with diarrhea while providing other important nutrients.


11/4 : : 
cup: : 
cashews: : 

1/2 : : 
cup: : 
yeast: : 

2 : : 
tablespoon: : 
onion powder: : 

1 : : 
tablespoon: : 
garlic powder: : 

3 : : 
cup: : 
soy milk: : 

1/4 : : 
cup: : 
olive oil: : 

3 : : 
tablespoon: : 
cornstarch: : 

2 : : 
tablespoon: : 
lemon juice: : 

16 : : 
oz: : 
whole wheat macaroni: : 

4 : : 
florets: : 
broccoli: : 


Finely grind cashews in food processor or blender, add in spices.
In heavy saucepan coming soy milk, oil, and cornstarch. Simmer over medium-low heat for about ten minutes, stirring occasionally, until cornstarch dissolves.
Add milk mixture to cashew mixture and blend until creamy, about two minutes. Add boiled broccoli to cooked macaroni and add in lemon juice.
Combine cashew cheese to cooked macaroni and enjoy.

Science and Research

Whole grains contain soluble and insoluble fibers, which prevent the formation of abdominal gas, bloating, and diarrhea. Additionally, fruits like bananas and applesauce help in thickening the stools and also decrease abdominal pains.


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