How To Achieve Your Wellness Goals

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How This Helps

How do you get to your goals? How do you achieve wellness? Lose weight? Find relief from medications?

Slowly, daily, take actions that a radiantly healthy person would take. Be “sure footed” about it. Take the easy actions first, then take on ones that are a bit more complex. Do it, start now, start today.

Science and Research

Here are some ideas…
– Drink warm lemon water in the morning.
– Take a class in something that brings you joy.
– Make a habit of having salads with dinner.
– Stop sautéing with oil, use water or broth.
– Join a gym and go 6 times a week.
– Eat fruit alone for breakfast.
– Hire a coach to help you with these goals. Make it someone that inspires you rather than   brings on negative feelings.
– Wear something that makes you feel sexy.
– Stop eating dairy.
– Have a smoothie for breakfast.
– Bring a big bowl of watermelon to your next potluck instead of chips.
– Buy hand weights and use them 3x a week when you are watching TV.
– Meditate, journal, read something that inspires you.


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