Diet Plan For Flu Patients

Diet Plan For Flu Patients

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30 Days plan to get rid of Flu


Total years in practice: 2

Plan Details
Consultations Included
Audio Consultations 2 15 Minutes
Video Consultations 1 15 Minutes
Text Consultations 4 15 Minutes

dIET Management


1.  To provide healthy diet plans.

2.  Use of common kitchen herbs.

3.  Focus on healthy eating.

4.  Use of traditional methods and home recipes.

5.  Easy to follow home cooked food options.

6.  Management of the ailment by diet programme.

7. To boost the immune system.


What's Included?

I.    Consultation.

2.    Fortnightly Diet Plan.

3.    Mid course correction. 

4.    Modification to diet plan if required.

5.    Regular feedback from the client.

6.    To keep the client motivated.

How It Works

During any type of Flu the patient develops fever. This leads to aversion towards Flu, in the beginning , small frequent meals are given. A high protein , full fluid diet is recommended. as soon as the fever comes down , a bland, low fiber soft diet is given. This rest to the alimentary tract. As the condition improves larger meals are given.


No cancellation on one month plan, however if taking three/six / twelve months plan then cancellation can be done with one month notice.

Does the diet plan is effective in all types of Flu's?

Yes, the diet plans and home made recipes of common kitchen herbs are very very effective in all type of Flu's.

Is your diet plan also helpful for COVID-19 Patients?
Yes, it does provide lots of relief to COVID -19 infected patients also.
About The Expert

Over the course of my life, there is one motto I have followed diligently, i.e. "Health is Wealth". This simple statement has driven me to ensure that my choices in life are reflective of how a healthy body ultimately leads to a better and a more fulfilled life. At this juncture in my life currently, I want to take this personal motto of mine to newer heights and use this to contribute to society in a meaningful manner. My goal is to provide nutrition recommendations to those who are willing to better their lives through healthier choices, and I wish to do the same by providing time and attention to my clients and tailoring their diets to their personalized requirements. Diligence and perseverance are two qualities I wish to imbibe further in work and I hope to influence my clients in the same manner. To summarize, I want to transform nutrition based health as a concept in a personalized manner for my clients and I hope to make some positive changes in this regard in the world.


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