David Lee
166 North Moorpark Road, #201. Thousand Oaks, California 91360
20 years exp

Total years in practice: 20

Publish Date
March 04, 2020
48 Years, Female, Hispanic or Latino
Medical Condition
Allergies, Drug Addiction, Hand Pain, Nasal Allergies, Stress
Acupuncture,Diet Therapy
Case Management

Complaints: Right surgery due to fracture. Neck, occiput, and low back pain with sciatica from herniated disc of 3-5 mm. Burisitis in left hip. Daily stomach cramp and hay fever with itchy eyes and sinusitis. Tension headache, difficult sleeping, flatulence, prone to anger, and hair falling out easily. Cigarette addiction. Pruritis with intense skin itch and bumps.   

Acupuncture: Left-side Yang horary points in Metal-Order of LI1, UB66, GB41, SI5, and ST36 with Wood points LI3, SI3, UB65, and ST43 for a Lesser Yang primary and Greater Yang secondary constitution (aka Soyangin in Sasang, Pitta-Vata in Ayurveda, Sanguine and Damp-Warm in Unani, Influence in DiSC, ENTP in Myers-Briggs, and Achievement in Need Theory). Patient was advised to reduce warming and dampening foods such as chicken, turmeric, ginger, dairy, nuts, and onion. Cooling and drying foods such as celery, cucumber, seafood, pork, lettuce, and cabbage.

Treatment process: The patient had twice a week acupuncture for 24 visits. Each treatment was immediately helpful for both mind and body. All symptoms had further improved weekly with less intensity, frequency, and duration. After 16th visit, the patient stopped smoking and had minimal withdrawal. By the 24th visit at twice a week, all symptoms were gone by at least 90%.

Discussion: This patient will be going back to work in a few days. She is encouraged to see her mind, physiology, and body are up to the task.  


Here’s a list the patient brought on the first visit. Most of the symptoms were gone after 4 months of acupuncture and dietary adjustment.

1.     Fatigue chronic? Everyday

2.     Hard time concentrating.

3.     Skin eruptions on arms, face, neck and chest.

4.     Insomnia – unable to fall asleep and stay asleep.

5.     Constipation – occasional.

6.     Gas

7.     Hair loss

8.     Nails – weak and brittle.

9.     Smoking – sometimes and binge

10.  Easily irritated

11.  Tongue stuck to the roof of the mouth.

12.  Oily skin – very

13.  Unable to relax

14.  Hair on chin and neck?

15.  Sex drive (none)

16.  Headaches

17.  Everything hurts- joints, muscles, and bones. Feelings easily hurt. Angry sometimes.

18.  Dry lips and eyes

19.  Eye lashes falling out.

20.  When resting unable to stop thoughts. 

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