Samson Varghese, B.A.M.S., MD, CEO
5 years exp

Total years in practice: 5

Publish Date
April 20, 2020
60 Years, Male, Asian
Medical Condition
Chronic Kidney Disease, Constipation, Diabetes: Type I, Fatty Liver Disease, Joint Pain
Medical History

From Bed To Standing…..   When it comes to patient care and cure, it's always challenging if the patient is bedridden for almost 2 years, in his 60s and had a bad ICU experience during his stay at other hospitals with acute renal failure, electrolyte imbalance, with urine bag, chronic liver disease, chronic constipation, and uncontrolled diabetes. The same patient had a H/o rectal carcinoma and had undergone surgery + adjuvant radiotherapy.

You could have imagined his struggle for survival in which he managed but in course of time, this made him immobile and hard enough even to move his limbs and fingers.

While remembering the case, his son came to our chief for Murivenna ( mild aches and pain) post physiotherapy for his shoulder, he explained to me regarding the case and how emaciated and lethargic the patient was after discharge from the hospital. He is having chronic urinary infection and electrolyte imbalance which disturbed him physically and mentally.

Case Management

Our treatments for electrolyte imbalance are very effective and have achieved almost 100% recovery even in sinking patients. So our prime goal was to make electrolytes stable and will see how the patient's condition progresses. It took around one month of medicines to make the sodium levels get back in the 130-135 range, once achieved the patient slowly began to show signs of recovery.

Again urinary infection still persisted and was one of the main problems for electrolyte issues, during the course of time his POLYNEUROPATHY became worse and his mobility became almost zero. But the patient was gaining nutrition and feeling better.

We admitted him in the month of September 2018 for one week to see how he responded to Ayurveda treatments. Since the patient was bedridden an Ambulance was needed. After physical examinations, we were confident enough to assure him that he will be able to stand with/without support, again the patient had such a tragic experience in ICU which made him hear our voices like another murmuring beetle…..

During the course of treatments which started with mild external paste applications for two sessions and mild heat modalities on the coat made him feel better, treatments made the joints free from edema and tenderness which enabled us to shift him from his room to our treatment room on a wheelchair. Again, as everybody knows you have to make at least two steps to get over the treatment table and is slippery enough to grip on the table. 

Slowly as the day progressed he started gaining confidence and there were noticeable changes in sleep habits. This made his biological clock start functioning and the patient started showing a glimpse of his younger days( more energetic, talkative, confident). One of the complications post-chemotherapy was with his nail buds ( swollen, oozing, tender) of both hands and feet. This made his grip almost zero and which further made emaciation of muscles. Our external paste applications and special bandages were good enough to reduce the symptoms to 75% and this improved his grip.

Our first plan was for two weeks and after 10 days with the results, we achieved the patient was confident enough to stay 4 weeks at our hospital to finish the first course of treatments. On the 12th day, he managed to climb the treatment table and further body treatments were done over a wooden treatment table. Every day our therapist will make him stand ( morning and evening- physiotherapy) and after 20 days he gained enough power to lift himself from his coat with support.

It was a problem for him to stand up as his knee joints were immobile for almost 2 years. His joints were almost fused but with bandages and heat modalities we made a 45-degree flex knee joint good enough to make him stand.

As the ayurvedic approach of  disease is holistic,special care for mind should be taken care of with head therapies and body cleansing. Since he was a chronic liver patient with a history of kidney failure,internal medicines were always monitored and specific medicines were given. No elevated LFT/RFT during the course of treatments was observed.

In Patient’s Words

I appreciate the efforts of the whole Vaidhyamana staff for the care which enables patients like me to stand and walk again.

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