Total years in practice: 17

Publish Date
September 19, 2020
55 Years, Female, White
Medical Condition
Anxiety Disorders
Counseling,Herbal Therapy
Medical History

History of panic attacks, constipation

Case Management

entered in the middle of a Panic Attack-frantic that she needed to go to the ER.

When asked if she trusted me to try and guide her through this, with a guarantee that I would take her to ER if she still wanted to, she agreed.

10:10 am Gave in office- 2 Dhanvantaram gulika, 1- manasamitravatkam, 2 tblsp Abhyaarishtam.

10:20 am Couldn’t get breath under control by following mine visually.

As rogi sat in the chair I stood behind her and held her head against my abdomen to trigger the feeling of being safe in the womb and encouraged her to breath when I did. After 10 min. of this, the breath regulated.

10:30 AM I sat in front of Rogi and placed my hands on her knees to ground as we breathed together.

10:40 AM Rogi reported feeling more calm and the feeling of passing out was dissipating.

10:50 AM Rogi was able to explain step by step, with the help of my questioning, what led to the panic (Flat tire on Tesla entering the driveway loud popping noise) and what anxiety was left (having to tell her husband & his reaction).

11:05 AM Rogi called husband, with my guidance, she followed my breath as she spoke with him. She stayed calm and was able to communicate, as well as, get help with the car.


1.Inputs: wholesome, warm, cooked meals at reg. times 7:30/12:30/6:30. Add Cumin, ginger, coriander, cinnamon, cardamom.  Avoid dry, raw snacks. Replacing w/ripe fruits. Eat a bowl of bran cereal for constipation.
2.Lifestyle:  5 min. breathing practice, feeling/thought journal before initiating touchy conversations w/ spouse. If you can’t say no try not to say yes.
3.Herbs/Formulations: Indukantam Kwath 2-0-2, kaisoraguggulu 1-0-1  Manasamitra vatakam 0-0-1
4.Kalyanaka Ghritam 1tsp-0-1tsp
5.Yoga/Pranayama: Alternate Nostril Breathing

6.Ayurvedic Techniques: Daily oleation w/Dhanvantaram Tailam

1.Mind counseling every week to work on perception, emotional processing and mental processing.
After 3 mo. on current formulations and lifestyle changes, Rogi’s anxiety symptoms had reduced by 30%, Less allergy symptoms, constipation manageable with more fiber.   
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