Acute Fever Treatment by Homeopathic Medication and Remedy

Dr. Sushil Dubey
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August 20, 2019
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Medical Condition:




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Medical History:

It was the September month of the year 2013. The clouds over the city of Mumbai were still occasionally and sporadically pouring water stored inside them. The metropolitan town was occupied in the enjoyment of showers of rain visiting this planet during Ganesh Festival. Every street of this concrete city was witnessing the celebrations of Ganesh festival with an ecstasy of exhilaration.

However, this lady, aged 50 yrs, lying down on her bed, with a raised body temperature above normal was no more in alignment with the mood of the city. Even a full course of antibiotic ingestion could not rescue her from the venomous hands of rising pyrexia. Her blood scan had already labeled her pyrexia to be Enteric fever.

I was anxious to prescribe for her since she was my maternal aunt and was a guest at my place. It was not the first case of acute fever that I was dealing with, many cases of such fever had been benefited in the past through me with homeopathy. My anxiety was fuelled and refueled by the very thought intruding my cognition, What if something goes wrong? She is my relative and I may earn a bad reputation into the society of my relatives if I could not give her relief at the instant. However, I was compelled to prescribe since her deteriorating health, even after the antibiotic course did not improve. Both sensations of nervousness and anxiety were superimposing each other and by overcoming these thorny thoughts a decision to prescribe and make an effort to restore her health was finally brought out.

After reaching her bedroom I saw my aunt lying on the bed, fully covered by a thick blanket all over. The wings of ceiling fan were kept at the halt.

Me: Hello Aunty, How is your fever?

Patient: It is as it is. I feel very low and do not wish to move or get up. I want to be only lying down. Fever is not going.

The tone of her voice while answering was that of expressing grief, sorrow, and sadness.

Me: What do you think has brought you the illness? Did you have any tensions or something like that?

Patient: I am unaware of any such cause which could have brought the illness.

Me: Aunty, please tell me if you have any difficult incident that has disturbed you just prior to the commencement of fever?

Patient: Yes, It did happen. You Uncle (her husband) has been recently diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and is on Dialysis. He has become very weak. I am worried and tensed about him. I constantly keep thinking about his illness. How will he get better? What may happen to him? I want to take care of him. I am bothered and anxious about his health.

Me: What is happening to you since you are ill?

Patient: I have got my thirst increased since fever; also it has increased only for cold water. Also, I am getting startled at every least noise and also while I am asleep. Suddenly I get startled and my sleep is disturbed. Even the slightest of noise is disturbing my sleep and even the slightest of touch makes me startled. Since I am ill, it has become difficult for me to tolerate the smell of any kind. I do not feel like eating anything. Just want to lie down on the bed.

I left her room after assuring her of recovery of her. However, I was still anxious to prescribe for her for fear of earning a bad name among relatives. It was a battle of me against me for prescribing for her.

Case Management:








REMEDY PRESCRIBED – PHOSPHORUS 200 (One Dose) followed by SL- 4pills TDS, for 2 days

She received her dose in the evening hours and was asked to inform me if required any assistance. It was a dark night and much darker for me since out of apprehension I was having sleepless nights. I was eagerly waiting for the sun to smile. However, I slept late and did not realize when did the morning arrive.

It was late morning, 10 am had passed. I woke up and enquired to my mother about aunty. Smiling my mother answered, she is fine. And there my aunty appeared, she was all fine, No fever, No dullness. She revealed that after the dose she slept peacefully and woke up without a fever.

But, I was still apprehensive and feared the return of fever. But, the remedy did very well and fever never ever revisited her till date.

Finally, my anxiety was relieved and my faith in Homoeopathy strengthened much more powerfully.

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