32 Year Old Female With Multiple Sclerosis is Off Medication with Ayurveda

Vaidya Pramod S kalos,
Very Poor Poor Fair Good Very Good
Maharashtra, India
 15 years exp 
March 06, 2020
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Medical Condition:

Multiple Sclerosis



Type of Outcome:

Very Poor Poor Fair Good Very Good

Medical History:

A 32 year old Female came to our clinic diagnosed with Progressive Systemic Sclerosis (part of CREST syndrome). She was on steroids and antimetabolites and was non 

Diabetes Mellitus (Non DM) with normal Gynecological and Obstetrics history.


Her face skin was very tight and tanned and she experienced hand pain at the tip of fingers that was excruciating even with simple touch. She would experience breathlessness and feel exertion after climbing stairs for the first floor. She had difficulty with opening her mouth and she could open it only up to two fingers. 

Case Management:

We customized her treatment according to doshas,dhatavas,malas.

Ayurvedic Medicines:







We also included classical Ayurvedic medicine formulations like:Gandhak Rasayan,Mahavaat Vidvhans, Punarnava Mandoor and Chandraprabha.

We recommended Virechan (detox) one of the five Panchkarma therapies.

In addition, we prescribed external oleation therapy like Snehan and Abhayangam.

Suggested Diet:

Protein - Average to Moderate

Fats: Average to Moderate 

Low and Gluten free Carbs

Fruits and Vegetables

Garlic (purified)

Exercise + Yoga:

Yoga, Pranayama, breathing exercise

Shankh Chaalan (blowing of holy Concha)

Spirometry and whistling


The patient is "off" of steroids and immunosuppressants such as antimetabolites since the 4th month of treatment..

Her breathlessness and exertion has improved a lot. She can walk 2 to 3 kms (even with 4 to 5 kgs weights without any interruptions. 

She can climb up to 3 to 4 floors now without feeling breathless. 

She can 'Laugh" and open her mouth completely (almost up to 4 fingers as opposed to 2 fingers)

Her skin tightness has reduced remarkably.

Her tanning of skin has improved to its original skin color. 

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