Undhiyu with Sweet Potato – an Indian Gujrati Snack

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How This Helps

Useful for: Diabetics, High fiber meal, Overweight, Altered lipid profile

Undhiyu is a Traditional Gujarati Vegetable Curry. Its varied vegetable content increases its fibre content. On addition the crunchy muthiyas make it even richer in Complex carbohydrates. The vegetables that have been selected are low in glycaemic index therefore it becomes an ideal food for diabetic and weight watchers.

Nutritional Information for 1 bowl(1 serving) –

  • Calories-188 kcal, 
  • Protein-9.4 g, 
  • Carbohydrate-30 g, 
  • Fats- 5 g, Dietary fibre-6g

This recipe is a good source of proteins, fibre, and Vitamin and minerals.

Science and Research

Many researches have proved that fibre rich meals have low glycaemic index. A research in British Journal of Nutrition has proved that to reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes cereals rich in fibre should be consumed.
Another research published in The American Journal of Clinical nutrition says that daily consumption of cooked, sweet potatoes has a positive effect on vitamin A stores in populations at risk of vitamin A deficiency


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