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How This Helps

Useful for: Weight Loss, Diabetes, Antioxidant-rich 
Quinoa is a gluten-free seed that has the right amino acid balance making it rich in protein, it is a good source of iron and calcium, antioxidants like Vitamin E and quercitin that functions in eliminating oxidative stress from the body.  Its consumption has shown to have a stabilizing effect on the postprandial glucose and insulin levels. The high fiber content in quinoa makes one feel satiated and helps to control hunger pangs.


Nutritional Value: Calories – 78 kcal;Protein – 3g;Carbohydrates – 13g;Fat – 1g ;Total Dietary Fiber – 2 g
Key Ingredients:
Quinoa originated in South America, but has recently become world-famous for its hidden nutritional properties. Quinoa pops is a fiber-rich, low calorie, quick snack option. The recipe shown on this blog shows how much fun it is to pop and enjoy these nutrient –packed seeds.

Science and Research

1 cup makes 1 serving that can be had as a mid-morning or an evening snack.
Quinoa is an extraordinary whole grain which has a superior protein quality with all the essential amino acids in it. A summary published by American Society of Nutrition highlights the role of whole grain like quinoa having a high protein and insoluble fiber content, helps providing satiety after a meal, slows down the rate of digestion and absorption and prolongs the feeling of fullness leading to a decrease in the overall calorie intake which in turn helps to lose weight.  An article published in the Journal of Medicinal Food highlights the role of quercitin, an antioxidant abundantly present in quinoa, in managing diabetes by improving insulin response and hypertension by inhibition of certain enzymes.

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