Functional medicine lab tests

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What are functional medicine tests?

Functional medicine aims to discover the core issue causing your signs and symptoms and correct it, when possible, to restore ideal wellness. An in-depth background is typically required to identify the source of the ailment. Functional medicine medical professionals also utilize added lab testing not typically used at a traditional doctor’s office. These labs are well evaluated and supply high-quality data to help us to obtain one of the most information to establish a cause of the problem(s). Functional medicine takes an outside-the-box approach by looking deeper into a person’s past and lifestyle. Functional medicine does not abandon traditional medicine but integrates it with a deeper history evaluation, physical examination searchings for, and test laboratory details to see the “broad view” of the trouble, along with the molecular information.

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A significant uptick in specialty laboratory tests is being used in inpatient care. This may be due to technological improvements in laboratory testing and increases in laboratory testing businesses. With specific testing options, it is possible to identify the exact condition(s) being dealt with. Reliable and reproducible information explains “why” and “what” led to the present state of the disease. Unique factors contributing to a given condition for a specific person allows for personalized and targeted treatment recommendations. This therapy can include wellness education on how to prevent recurrence and exacerbations in the future.

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Functional medicine lab tests

Integrative medicine practitioners order lab tests as needed for their patients based on the condition being examined. 

Routine blood tests can assist your doctor in diagnosing the root cause of physical disorders. They can also determine hidden problems in the earliest stages so timely treatment can be administered. The information collected from a full panel blood test carried out annually can be contrasted to previous rounds of testing to see exactly how your health and wellness are transforming in time.

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If your physician orders a complete panel blood test, you may obtain the following tests:

– Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP): This test checks your blood for glucose, potassium, carbon dioxide, calcium, electrolytes, sodium, chloride, creatinine, and also blood urea nitrogen

– Lipid Panel: actions HDL (excellent) and also LDL (bad) cholesterol levels

– Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP): along with BMP measurements, this likewise includes tests to examine exactly how your liver is functioning

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– Comprehensive Urinalysis: steps the material and concentration of pee to detect infections and diseases

– Thyroid Panel: checks the function of your thyroid– the gland that regulates your growth hormones, body temperature, metabolism, heart rate, and hormones

– Prothrombin Time: Determines the length of time it takes blood to clot

– Complete Blood Count (CBC): actions the variety of your white blood cells, red blood cells, hemoglobin, and platelets

The test results are typically delivered within 24-72 hours, depending on the test. Some tests call for fasting for at the very least 8 hours before the test to make certain even more accurate test outcomes.

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There are other tests that can be bought by your medical professional. The results from blood work tests can aid in discovering health problems. These functional medicine labs tests can include:

– Hormone Level Assessment

– Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

– Micronutrient Testing

– Adrenal Stress Index Test

Digestive and Gut Function Analysis

Heavy Metal Testing

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Difference between functional & typical medical tests

The majority of the labs used in functional medicine aren’t available through mainstream medicine and are done via independent laboratory businesses. Why doesn’t mainstream medication use these? Lab results aren’t backed up by algorithms and must be connected with individual history (i.e., personalized interpretation). It requires a whole lot of time to translate and review the outcomes (that’s not based on an insurance model of efficacy ).

The majority of these labs are small, independent, and concentrate on quality over quantity. Common labs used in Functional Medicine practices are listed below:

– Diagnostic Solutions (GI Map stool test)

– Doctor’s Data

– Genova Diagnostics

– Great Plains Labs

– KBMO Diagnostics

– Precision Analytical (DUTCH test)


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