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Lips come in all sorts of shapes, but your lip type isn’t associated with your personality. Genetics primarily identify your lip type, your facial structure, and other facial features. Our lips are typically connected to symbols of psychological attachment, love, love, care, and sensuality. This is most likely since it feels so excellent to provide a kiss to someone who implies a lot to you, someone who is close to you.

Lips are one of the most significant features on an individual’s face and can make you stand apart in any setting. Taking care of your lips might be something that you may never want to ignore. There are seven kinds of lips, and every lip-type deserves care and attention. You might understand that kind of your lips is primarily because of your genes, and you might not choose to have some particular kind of Lips.

However, the method you treat your lips can make a distinction in how your lips look. Your smile, frown, and other lip motions can translate your inner emotions to others.

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What are the different types of lips?

There are seven types of lips.

  • Heart-Shaped Lips

People with these lips have a prominent cupid’s bow. This means that their top lip has a said dip in the middle. In addition, they may have a heavier lower lip.

  • Top-Heavy Lips

These lips are heavier on the pinnacle and generally do not have a said cupid’s bow. A lot of Indian girls have this type of lips.

  • Full Lips

These kinds of lips are generally protruding and fuller on the bottom.

  • Wide Lips

If your lips expand to your ears while you smile, you’ve got wide lips.

  • Small Lips

These lips aren’t wide however tend to be complete and protruding.

  • Round Lips

These styles of lips are prominently round and lack a cupid’s bow.

  • Thin Lips

If both your top and lower lips are skinny, you likely fall under this category.

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How to know your lip shape?

You can pick out your shape simply by looking at a vanity mirror. For example, in case your lips feel or appear too heavy, you may have top-heavy lips. Those with this form will need to spice up their bottom lip. Meanwhile, people with wide lips tend to have a grin that stretches from cheek to cheek. And in case you need to highlight this shape, the outlet recommends wearing the same colored lip liner with your lipstick.

There are many different lip shapes. And, with that, a few lip shapes are more favored than others, mainly by folks who may not have that exact form. For example, a cupid’s bow is one of the most preferred lip shapes as it resembles a heart, thus being a signal of romance. As for figuring out whether or not or not you have a cupid’s bow, in reality, look at your reflection and spot in case your top lip looks like the letter “M.”

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When figuring out your lip shape, reference guides to standard forms may give you a good idea of what to look for. For instance, you could locate you’ve got bottom-heavy lips, round lips, or thin lips. Identifying your lip shape can assist in figuring out a way to apply lip liner, lip gloss, or lipstick to both intensify your natural pout or reshape your lips into another form, which includes full lips. These are usually symmetrical, with a top and bottom lip which are equally full.

How to beautify every lip shape?

Heart-shaped lips 

Heart-shaped lips usually have a said cupid’s bow up top, with a sharper bottom lip. Now, the precise definition may range from person to person (a few may have a stark point on the base; others may have a softer edge). However, the key here is that V-shaped cupid’s bow. 

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To beautify the shape, popping a few highlighters right at the cupid’s bow—a tip that works for all lip shapes, actually, but brings greater attention to the heart. Or, in case you’re hoping to blur out any sharp edges, you can smudge out your lip liner and melt those angles. 

Top Heavy

You can outline that shape with liner, or in case you’re trying to balance it out, you could use foundation or concealer to soften that top lip line. Just like you would slightly overline a bottom lip to make that bigger, you may do the opposite on the top lip.

Full lips

Full lips have a unique definition for everyone. However, it technically refers to lips that are evenly plump on both the pinnacle and bottom. An easy pop of gloss at the center can intensify a pillowy pout, and in case you’re looking for extra definition, you could continuously tap highlighter on the cupid’s bow and use a bit of liner to sharpen the corners. 

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Wide lips

Wide lips are usually longer than they are complete, spanning throughout with an elongated smile. So if you are trying to add poutine to wide lips, all you want to do is take some highlight (a lighter coloration of lipstick, gloss, or what have you) and dab a bit in the center of your lips.

Round lips

If your top and bottom lips are the same widths all of the ways around, you probably have round lips. These often have natural exercises; with a completely smooth cupid’s bow, a hint of gloss at the center of the lip can virtually accentuate plushness. 

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Thin lips

You may have thinner lips naturally, or you may find your pout starting to deflate with age (lips lose volume over time). To intensify thin lips, don’t forget lip liner, your best friend. You can usually slightly overline the lips to make them seem fuller, make sure not to increase the line too far. The liner must still connect with your natural lip line, simply hanging ever so barely above. Add a dab of highlight on the center can create the phantasm of volume. 

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Taking care of lips naturally

Below are some remarkable ideas that can assist you in taking care of your lips:

  • Make a habit of exfoliating your lips.
    Exfoliating your lips is as crucial as exfoliating your face. Apply lip balm on your lips before bedtime. In the morning, gently rub your lips with a toothbrush to eliminate any dead skin. This process will likewise accelerate blood flow in your lip location, making them appear pink and healthy.
  • Keep yourself hydrated
    Drink enough glasses of water daily to keep yourself hydrated. The water you take in can make so much difference to your skin and lips, so why not begin making this a practice from today.
  • Choose your lip balm.
    Not all lip balms are effective. Some have camphor that can cause lip dryness. Balms with active ingredients such as coconut oil, Shea butter, and cocoa butter may work better to fight damaging sun rays and pollution.
  • Aloe Vera for your lips.
    Aloe Vera gel is quickly offered from any drugstore. Get a bottle for your lips and use it daily to see a substantial modification with time. Aloe Vera is a healer and can assist relieve down your lips in simply a short time.
  • Scrubbing your lips with lemon juice
    An application of lemon juice on your lips daily can be your answer to bright and pink lips. Lemon juice can help get rid of dead skin from your lips. Make sure to avoid using lemon juice on your split lips. The liquid may sting and might trigger discomfort and allergy.
  • Wash off your makeup before sleep
    Gently wash off any lipstick or makeup you have on your lips before bedtime. Sleeping in with all the chemicals on your skin isn’t an excellent idea for lips’ health.
  • Homemade lip scrub on your lips.
    A tablespoon of almond oil mixed with honey can make a beautiful lip scrub that can help your lips for an extended period. The scrub will assist in moisturize your lips and keep them soft. You can make this scrub in an airtight container. Use this scrub every night before going to bed.

Can lip shapes be changed?

Lip fillers are most usually associated with significant volume, so humans frequently expect that they’re only used to change the size of lips. However, we can do loads more with lip fillers. It’s also viable to reshape your lips to create precisely the look that you need.

Lip surgeries available

Popular lip surgical procedures encompass increasing or lowering the volume of a lip, lifting a droopy lip, and adjusting the lip shapes to create a more appealing and younger appearance. Numerous techniques of lip surgery and perioral surgery are as follows:

  • Lips enhancement
  • Increasing lip volume
  • Lips Reduction
  • Upper Lip Lift     
  • Cupid Bow Lip Enhancement
  • Horn Chestnut- shaped lip
  • Philtrum enhancement
  • Corner Lip Lift 
  • Dimples Surgery


Though your lip shape is genetically determined, you could alter or beautify its shape and appearance with the proper makeup, care, and surgical fillers. For example, prominent lips may want darker shades, while the thinner ones may wish lighter ones to make a face appear more balanced. To attend to your lips, keep them hydrated at all times using a lip balm and by consuming enough water. You also can use Vitamin E or rub on some olive oil to keep them moisturized.

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