How This Helps

Useful for: Diabetes, Low- GI, Antioxidant rich

Barley is a wholesome low-glycemic index cereal-grain that is minimally processed which helps to retain essential nutrients like thiamin, niacin, copper, chromium etc. Along with making it a powerhouse of nutrition, a variety of vegetables makes this dish rich in antioxidants.

Calories – 210 kcal
Protein – 6.4g
Carbohydrates – 38.75g
Fat – 3g 
Total Dietary Fiber – 1.35g


Key Ingredients:

Mix vegetable barley upma is a healthy twist to the traditional upma recipe. It is one of the chief breakfast/snack dishes in the Southern and Western part of India. The recipe given in this blog gives it the healthy twist.

Science and Research

1 cup of upma makes 1 serving that gives about 210kcal and 6.4g of protein.

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition compared the effects of cooked barley grains and refined wheat bread on blood sugar levels in 10 healthy men. It showed that when barley was eaten for dinner, the insulin sensitivity was improved by 30%. Another study done in Japan showed that barley lowered the post meal glucose levels when it was substituted with a high-glycemic index rice.

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