Dr. Clara Cohen
Dr. Clara Cohen 6 September 2018
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When I first started my practice, acupuncture was perceived mainly as a pain reliever. So I treated a lot of patients who suffered with chronic pain or those who just injured themselves. I saw a lot of women with Fibromyalgia. For years, they were told it was all in their head and nothing was wrong with them!

Over the years, I’ve seen patients who responded very well to acupuncture, especially if a healthy diet was incorporated into the treatment. Over 85% of fibromyalgia patients are women, and most suffer from chronic fatigue, IBS, anxiety and or depression, an accumulation of stress and a diet lacking in nutrients.

Research shows Fibromyalgia can either be genetic or due to an emotional or physical trauma. Which correlates with Chinese medicine which defines the causes as emotions, weak Essence/Jing, trauma and stress! 

Supplements such as Magnesium, Fish oils, and Vitamin D are quite beneficial, as well as adopting a low FODMAP diet.

Acupuncture is fantastic to relieve pain, move blood, calm the mind for those with anxiety and to promote better sleep. Below I created a quick Basic TCM Treatment Protocol for Fibromyalgia.

Let me know what you think and keep rocking it using TCM!

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