How This Helps

Different push-up exercises will help you create stability
and balance apart from being a 
complete body workout engaging several muscles in the body.
Further, it helps you build the 
density of your muscles and define the upper body. Topping
it all it also helps you in building a 
strong core.


During the peak hours if you are strolling into a gym, it is not uncommon to find many people,largely men doing vigorous push-ups. But, how do these body Push Ups really help? Not surprisingly, there are Push Ups for Men and Push Up Exercise for women designed differently. Push-ups have been described as the ‘ultimate barometer’ of fitness in an article published in the NY Times. For most of us engaged in sedentary lifestyles, push-ups constitute a great workout. 

Instructions for Push Up Exercises:

1)Get your hands firm on the ground, directly beneath the
shoulders. Stabilize the 
lower half and and get the toes  firm to the floor. Brace the core and
flatten the back so that the 
body is straight and neutral.

2)Now start lowering your body keeping focus of your eyes
about 3 feet straight in front 
so the neck is neutral till your chest touches the floor. Do not dip and keep the body straight from head
to foot. Draw back the 
shoulder blades keeping them down and the elbows tucked
close to the body.

 3) Now push back with the core still engaged and exhaling as
you revert to the position you 

4)Repeat the process about 20 times or as much as you can

After you are at home with the basics, look for the
variations. There are over 80 variations that you can consider. 

Some of the common mistakes while doing push-up fitness
programs include forgetting to breathe, letting the lower back arch or sag, cheating
yourself, flaring of the arms, and 
straining the neck.

Science and Research

Compared to the standard push-ups using the floor, the
suspended push-ups helps increase activation of core muscle. For those looking to increase
muscles, the best option is a one-anchor system with the

Researchers have also cited that 3 or 4 training programs
can be effective and that training program involving only the Bench Press is best
avoided. In yet another report,
researchers found that the narrow grip in narrow pushup
limits the range of your motion.

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