Pull up Bar Exercises to Strengthen your Back

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How This Helps

Pull up bar exercises work the whole bunch of muscles in your arms, shoulders and backs, giving you a strong and lean torso. Regular exercises with pull up bar strengthen your back and shoulders. This helps you prevent the nagging lower back pain that most people develop with age or due to trauma. Pull up exercises are also great for building muscles which burns relatively higher amount of Glucose than any other body tissue; and thus are highly recommended for Type 2 Diabetes patients.   Pull up bar exercises are one of the most effective bodyweight training method, and are highly effective in increasing the effects of Insulin too. 


Pull up bar exercises benefits are manifolds: 

Stronger back, shoulder and arms

Reduce risks of back injury and pain

Build muscles in back, shoulder and arms

Helps in better use of blood Glucose

Increase of the effects of Insulin

As you can see, pull up exercises benefits are crucial for both preventing back pain and fighting type 2 Diabetes. Pull up bar exercises are perfect strength training that uses your bodyweight as the resistance. The exercises work the compound set of muscles in the back, shoulder and arms, resulting in muscle building and strengthening. The most fun part about pull up exercises are that you require minimal equipments to start working out. Although a bit tough for the beginners, once mastered pull ups plays a great role in controlling Type 2 Diabetes and preventing Lower Back Pain. 

Some of the best pull up bar exercises are: 

Wide Grip Pull Ups

Close Grip Pull Ups

Underhand Pull Ups

Make sure to consult your physician and check your vitals before starting pull up exercises. Proper warm up and stretching is must before you start your pull up workout.  In case you have never undergone any strength training, start your pull up exercise routine slow and increase the number of repetitions only when you are comfortable. 

Instructions to do Pull Up Exercises:

Grab the bar with your preferred grip.

Squeeze your shoulder blades together.

Lift your body until chest touches the bar.

Slower lower yourself downward. 

Science and Research

As per studies conducted by American Diabetes Association, patients suffering from Type 2 Diabetes can manage their blood sugar level more effectively when going through strength training on regular basis.  Pull ups work on the back muscles and gives them strength and flexibility; thus preventing any kind of injury from strain. 


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