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Squat is great exercise that uses 50% of your body muscles. If your goal is weight loss, squat should be on the top of the list. However, there is a risk that squat will damage your joints. To eliminate the risk, you have to perform squat with perfect technique. It is recommended to hire personal trainer to make sure your squat is perfect.


Instructions to do Squat Exercise and Workout:

Step 1: Place foot slightly wider then shoulder width and turn them outward. Remember, you have to stay on your heels during the whole squat. If you can’t, move feet wider and try again. If you still can’t perform squat on the heels, don’t do deep squat.
Step 2: Start squat by pushing your hips backward. Look in front of you all of the time and keep the back straight. Squat as low as you can and immediately start to move your torso up. Don’t make a pause in the lowest position. Never lock the knees.
Step 3: During the squat your torso supposed to be parallel to your low leg.  You can’t see it, so ask your friend to help you or hire personal trainer.

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