Successful Case of Diabetes Type 2 with Ayurveda

September 25, 2018
60 YearsFemaleAsian

Medical Condition:

Diabetes: Type II



Medical History:


A patient aged 60 year female, with non healing ulcer on the right foot dorsum along with Diabetes mellitus- insulin dependant- inj Human actrapid 8u-12u-8u and Inj Insulatard 10U at night came to the clinic. she was treated as kapha-vataj vrana and started with vrana shodhan chikitsa- nimba kalka alepan with gomutra arka after panchvalkal kwath dhawan and vrana dhupan with vacha-nimba-haridra-hartala.

Case Management:


1) Darvyadi yog + vidanga churna kwatha with vanga bhasma 100mg vyanodana

2) Panchatikta kwatha 20ml in the morning rasayan kaal and in the evening

3) Gandhak rasayan + sukshmatriphala 125mg tid after food.

4) Punarnavasava 30ml before food two times a day patient was admitted on 16/6/2015, her fasting BSl was between 60- 90 mg/dl and PP above 140 mg/dl max yesterday (21/6/15) it was 196 mg/dl.

Diet prescribed right from day 1 was afternoon rice meal with moong dal and vegetables chitki, beet root etc. and for dinner Bhakri prepared from Yava.

Today (22/6/15) I changed her treatment by making addition of dravya- Amalaki + haridra rasasindoor churna 200mg each in samaan kaal.

her post prandial BSl came to 90 mg/dl and fasting was 96 mg/dl.

wound healing is satisfactory.


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