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July 05, 2019
38 Years, Male, White
Medical Condition
Adrenal Fatigue, Brain Fog, Migraine, Piperlongumine
Nutrition,Diet Therapy
Medical History

Lon always considered himself to be healthy and athletic, even running the Boston Marathon. However, his vision of himself was disrupted when he discovered that he was actually experiencing migraines and brain fog, in addition to a never-ending list of issues related to his intestines. Furthermore, since he was a commercial truck driver himself, the issues of brain fog and migraines were obstacles in the way of him functioning efficiently at work. He did everything he could think of to fix the issue from seeing a chiropractor to a neurologist, but nothing seemed to help. Eventually, his migraines were chronic and would experience as many as 17 in one month. Unsure where to turn next, his wife suggested he schedule a nutrition consultation at Nutritional Weight & Wellness.

Case Management

Immediate Improvement After Changing His Diet

When Lon came in to see Melanie Beasely, RD, LD, he told her about the protein shake he’d been eating for the past six years for breakfast and lunch. It immediately raised a red flag. Even though Lon thought he was eating something healthy, Melanie explained that all of the fruit and juice contained too much sugar. This high sugar content was likely causing his headaches. Melanie also suggested Lon give up processed foods and instead eat small meals comprised of whole foods frequently throughout the day to keep his blood sugar stable. Melanie explained that all of Lon’s health issues were fixable, but he really didn’t believe her after seeing so many specialists who couldn’t help him. It has been months since he had felt completely healthy. As a result of which, he had developed a tendency of moody and irritable. Melanie even attempted to explain to him that it had nothing to do with his character, but only a consequence of chemistry. Once he did take Melanie’s input into consideration, his brain fog had been cured almost immediately.


Lon's Thoughts

He further remains convinced that it was his diet, which was to blame. He began eating the right type of food. Within two weeks of doing so, he witnessed an improvement both in his mood and energy. “It made me feel better knowing it was what I was eating that was causing my moods to change,” he said. “She’s [Melanie] amazing. She was right about everything.” Learning a New Way to Eat, Lon eliminated gluten and dairy from his diet for six days and he discovered that he couldn’t tolerate dairy or orange juice. While he had to give up milk, orange juice and Gatorade (three of his favorite foods), it was all worth it, he said. Melanie suggested eating breakfast bowls with vegetables and sausage, along with giving him new smoothie recipes with almond milk and vegetable protein instead of the old shakes he was drinking that were full of sugar from orange juice and dairy from whey protein powder, both of which he can’t tolerate. “She basically taught me a new way to eat,” he said. “It was hard because you always want to do the easy thing, and it took a lot of getting used to.” Lon encouraged himself to try one more new thing. He thought to himself, “I’d be miserable without this.” With migraine diet modifications, Lon was successful to overcome his migraines and brain fog. As a result, he was able to elevate his mood and overall energy.



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