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June 04, 2020
1 Years, Female, Asian
Medical Condition
Medical History

My student, a young mother, called me frantically regarding her infant baby girl's diaper rash. The baby had been started on supplemental oral iron on the advice of her pediatrician, resulting in severe constipation. It caused severe perianal irritation.  Inflammation had been severely aggravated for 2 days and had spread from the buttocks to the vulva. Local antifungals, antibiotics, and soothing lotions had given only partial relief. The poor child was in much distress and pain and would shriek with even the slightest touch or friction.

Case Management

The rapidity of inflammation, severe excoriation, the fulminant appearance of the rash, causative factor ( friction from.diaper ), and the age of the child called for Kreosotum. Given in repeated doses in 30 c, every 4 hours, for a day.

See the results 👇below:

For those who say homeopathy is a placebo, this is the answer. And for those skeptics who say, it was self-limiting, please note that an infection of such magnitude, that had persisted for around 72 hours and had not responded to local conventional medicine could not have disappeared on its own without aggressive oral drugs. It was 80% better within 24 hours with the indicated homeopathic remedy, safely and surely seems like a miracle. For the homeopath, it is not a surprise, just another case well done!

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