Healing with the Chakras

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How This Helps

Engaging in an energy practice of one’s own awakens the keys within to open the doors to healing. That is, when a person heals with the creative power within, one is able to shift personal emotional, cognitive, & physical frequencies and create from true desires that support whole health.


When a person begins to work with energy consciously, there are no coincidences. Working regularly with the chakras, spinning wheels of subtle energy, can be a cathartic tool to truly engage in a deep healing energy practice. For years I have had the joy of doing work I love: work centered around teaching others to heal with ancient energy techniques that stem from the Tantric Yogic tradition. From my experience, teaching about the chakra system is rewarding because it awakens us to inherent tools of perception that we all possess in one way or another. These inherent tools can greatly empower each person to facilitate energetic healing and to take personal responsibility for one’s well-being. Each person can develop their own unique energy maintenance “tool kit” by working with the the chakra energy system. Having a repertoire of self-care techniques is especially useful during times of great external changes in personal, social, and collective experiences and the mileaus shaped by such experiences.

One can become familiar with many ancient healing tools and the experience of yoga (the experience of uniting physical perceptions with that of pure consciousness) when working with the chakras. Tuning into the energies the person one receiving and transmitting at different energetic locations of the body can help to develop intuition, a deeper sense of knowing, trust, stress relief, and greater mental-emotional balance in one’s life. Furthermore, a person who works regularly with the chakra system can intuitively carry the subtle wisdom gained from this practice into their daily life to bring more balance to their own energy fields, relationships, and collective environments.

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