Culture-Sensitive, Holistic Care Program For Cancer Survivors.

Expert-led lifestyle wellness programs for cancer treatments' side effects with a personalized, culturally-sensitive approach.

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Cancer Survivors And Menopause Issues


Around the world, approximately 645 000 premenopausal and 1·4 million postmenopausal women had breast cancer.

  • The menopausal symptoms of women with breast cancer tend to last longer and be more severe than those of women who enter menopause naturally.
  • Limitation on using Hormone therapy (HRT) is usual, but holistic therapies can be effective.

Cancer treatment often causes women to experience more severe symptoms of menopause than natural menopause. There is a rapid decline in estrogen levels during menopause instead of a gradual decline over time.

The Lancet Global Health
Shah NR, Borenstein J, Dubois RW. Postmenopausal hormone therapy and breast cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Menopause. 2005 Nov-Dec;12(6):668-78. doi: 10.1097/01.gme.0000184221.63459.e1. PMID: 16278609; PMCID: PMC1781058.

Follow Science-Backed Pillars Of Inter-Connected Lifestyle Areas

Learn 50+ science backed habits that fit your lifestyle based on healthy foundations. Our programs include: 

  • 20+ Holistic Therapies
  • 3000+ Top Holistic Experts
  • Monthly focus on each pillar
  • Weekly live group session
  • Q&A with Experts
  • Unlimited text messaging
  • Sisterhood for engagement & support
Lifestyle Medicine

Holistic Cancer Care For Your Health, Culture & Lifestyle

Cancer treatments’ side effects are experienced differently for each woman. Get relief with a holistic approach to managing side effects that come with cancer treatment, recovery, and survivorship from board-certified holistic physicians and coaches.

Control Your Side Effects With Science-Backed Therapies

Hot Flashes
Nausea & Vomiting
weight gain
Weight Changes
painful sex
mood changes
Mood Changes
brain fog
Brain Fog
night sweats
sleep problems
low libido
Low Libido
Appetite Loss
Hair loss
Hair, Skin & Nails
joint pain
memory changes
Thinking & Remembering

How It Works

Join expert-led monthly Personalized coaching program with virtual visits and a vibrant safe space for sisterhood community.


Share your health & wellness goals

Fill out a short form for an introductory Q&A Consultation with our holistic expert.


Talk to a Holistic Expert

A holistic expert will go over your Initial Holistic Assessment and design a personalized program to revitalize your health.


Start your Wellness Program

Engage in a Expert-led Coaching program involving weekly virtual visits with providers. Health coaches will make you stay accountable to reach your health & wellness goals!

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How’s NourishDoc Different?

We deliver culturally sensitive, personalized lifestyle holistic programs to improve healthful behaviors and positive outcomes. It is an integrated, whole-person, and continuous care for women with cancer treatment side effects beyond the walls of the doctor’s office. Our collaborative care model leverages evidence-based, Medicare-approved pathways centered around six interconnected lifestyle areas.

Join a monthly Expert-led Wellness Program based on your health, culture, community, and other unique needs. We deliver a Holistic program, as no magic pill will help with cancer treatments’ side effects. You need to balance your mind, body, and soul to help with your optimal health.

Other Programs

  • 1:1 With Doctor, Get Prescription Drugs
  • Medications
  • High Cost, Side Effects
  • Drugs, Generic Products
  • Temporary Relief From Symptoms
  • No 1:1 Support From Health Coach
  • No Personalized Educational Material
  • No Personalized Community Of Women
  • No Unlimited Chat Support

NourishDoc Programs

  • Culturally Sensitive, Lifestyle Holistic Programs
  • Personalized Integrative Therapies
  • Affordable Personalized Coaching
  • Local Support With Experts & Community
  • Long Lasting Behavior Change
  • 1:1 Support From Health Coach
  • Personalized Educational Material
  • Sisterhood to lend a helping hand
  • Unlimited Chat Support

Your Holistic Cancer Care Journey Starts Here


Access evidence-based articles, videos & lessons on treatments’ side effects.


Join your group & pair up with your health coach to get a personalized wellness plan

Sisterhood Community

Join virtual events with experts & group sessions with fellow sisters.


Stay up-to-date on the latest cancer news, participate in dicussions & get inspired.

How is the program structured?

Holistic experts from around the world
Weekly online sessions
Naturopathic Medicine, Diet, Yoga & Other Therapies
Symptoms management, Metabolism & Hormonal Balance
Unlimited messaging with your health coach
Personalized recommendations
Six-Pillar lifestyle areas guidance
Program tailored for your culture & lifestyle
Healthy habits that will last a lifetime

Holistic Experts & Therapies Matched To Your Preferences

Holistic doctors & health coaches provide personalized learning using content and strategies that work. They start with  “root cause” approach essential to bringing lifestyle changes for your optimal health.

Holistic Therapies

Plans & Pricing

Monthly Payment

$59 / month
Monthly plan

Real healing takes time. Become a NourishDoc member and get a long term partner dedicated to your health and wellness.

What you'll get with 1:1 coaching:
  • 1:1 online assessment
  • Cancer Care Education
  • Evidence-based lifestyle modifications
  • Unlimited messaging with health coach
Annual Payment

$348 / year ($29 / month)
Yearly plan

Our 12-month program is an annual membership that includes complete holistic care for your health and wellness.

What you'll get with 1:1 coaching:
  • 1:1 online assessment with a Holistic Expert
  • Cancer Care Education
  • Evidence-based lifestyle modifications
  • Unlimited messaging with health coach

Optional Add-Ons

doctor icon

1:1 Personal Wellness Plan

✔ More flexible
✔ Your specific issues can be addressed
✔Actionable lifestyle recommendations

Single Consultations

✔ Expert advice on your health challenge
✔ An actionable plan
✔ Flexibility to book appointments

supplements icon

Herbs & Supplements

✔Dietary supplements
✔Herbal supplements


What does NourishDoc offer?

NourishDoc provides group and 1:1 wellness plans, worksops and bootcamps to modify lifestyle behavior. We provide online sessions with holistic doctors and health coaches. Your health coach will create a personalized plan that will help you achieve your health goals. Expect regular video/phone consultations and daily motivation through messaging, education, as well as the ability to track vitals such as exercise, diet, sleep, and weight through these sessions.

We offer research-backed programs in holistic therapies as per cultural sensitivity. The programs are delivered in affordable group therapy or 1:1 format, and personalized for you. After an online assessment, you will be placed in a program track that caters to your symptoms. Your care counselor will be available for unlimited chats as well as bi-weekly monitoring calls. In addition, you will learn self-care in live sessions hosted by qualified holistic experts on different topics every week. To complement, live sessions, and monthly meet up with women in the similar ethnic groups will be hosted to share your stories.

Why does NourishDoc emphasize culture?

If you look at the definition by the World Health Organization, health is a state of physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being and not a mere absence of a disease. So, it’s very important to pay attention to all four dimensions. This definition is very, very powerful, because all four dimensions are complementary to each other, and is very much based on culture.


Cancer treatments and their side effects are not only different for different women – but different for women from different cultures. With a holistic approach, your care plan looks at your support system, cultural and spiritual beliefs, and your goals.We personalize the expert support as per your culture, ethnicity, and lifestyle to be more relevant for you.

I have never used any of the holistic therapies before. How do I get started?

Our menopause counselor will guide you through the program step by step. We will help you develop healthy habits and introduce you to holistic therapies guided by our global experts and a caring, supportive community.

Can you offer NourishDoc at my workplace as well?

Yes! You are welcome to reach out to us and book a demo of how we can help you women at your workplace to help with less absenteeism and better productivity. We offer training sessions for managers as well to raise awareness. Please check out our page for business.

Why do you offer multi-month programs?

It takes time to understand and implement holistic therapies and develop lifestyle modifications. We feel that a minimum of 90 days is necessary to experience results.

Is there any research or scientific evidence behind holistic therapies?

Yes, holistic therapies have been used for over 5000 years. In the last 20 years, a lot of research and clinical trials have been conducted to prove the efficacy of holistic therapies for not only menopause relief but the reversal and management of chronic conditions.

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