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Benefits of Padmasana (Lotus Pose):

Ø  Pressing of the femoral artery, ensures extra blood is infused in the genital and anal areas.

Ø  As a result of this, all lower body organs are benefited, especially muscles in the lower back.

Ø  The benefit is multiplied because of autosuggestion which relaxes the muscles and ensures that blood goes into every tissue thereby rejuvenating the complete body.

Ø  The process of relaxation results in increase in beta waves within the brain.

Ø  The feet press on the Inguinal nodes, thereby boosting their efficiency and increasing the capability of the immune system.

Ø  This posture stabilises the spine with hips and shoulders. Very good for spinal curvature retention.



Ø  Sit on a clean mat in an airy and quiet room. Stretch
legs forward.

Ø  Folding one leg at the knee, hold the ankle, lift and
place it over the opposite thigh so that the heel fits into the junction of the
torso and thigh.


Repeat the process with the other leg; folding the leg
over the previously folded leg so the ankle fits at the junction of the hip and
thigh of the opposite leg.

Ø  Keep the back erect but relaxed. Relax the legs. You will
feel them slipping slightly and then becoming stable.

Ø  Join the forefinger with the thumb to form a circle.
This is called “
Chin Mudra

Breathe calmly, keeping the mind silent. Be conscious
of your anchor within the self. Command your body to relax, moving from the top
of the body to the extremities. Imagine stress leaving your body with each
exhalation. Release your mind. Let it not grasp anything or any thought.


Start with 5 minutes and increase upto 15 minutes.


Do not try to achieve perfection on day 1. Make sure
your body is able to take the strain. Over time, the body will become supple
and perfection will be achieved.

noteworthy points:

Why Chin Mudra? = Padmasana is
about collecting the disparate energies or 
prana into
the person. 
Prana flows
within and outside the body. An open palm would mean that the 
prana which moves to the extremities is unable to
return which makes the flow unidirectional. With 
, this loop is
closed, like any good electrical circuit, resulting in uninterrupted flow
prana around the
person, increasing retention and charge of 
prana within
the system.

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