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Kefir consumption is surely associated with high bone mineral density. Lactic acid bacteria that are present in Kefir and in all dairy products contain probiotics (good bacteria in the intestine) and thus it influences the improvement of overall health. 


1 : :  cup: :  frfrozen strawberries or raspberries: : 
8 : :  oz: :  yoghurt: : 
1 : :  tablespoon: :  vanilla: : 
3 : :  tablespoons: :  kefir: : 
1 : :  oz: :  walnuts: : 


Put all ingredients in a blender and blend till smooth.

Science and Research

Kefir is considered a "brain food" while daily consumption of just one cup of Kefir improves memory, focus, and it helps in fighting against stress impact.

Kefir and berry benefits

The word "bacteria" generally invokes issues regarding infection as well as illness. Yet, not all microorganisms are bad. Probiotics are foods including microorganisms that promote the development of bacteria in our intestine that are good for our digestive system health and wellness. Nevertheless, the benefits of these bacteria-maintaining foods aren't restricted to our tummies. The new research study is finding benefits that can additionally keep our skin, body immune system, nerves, and even our bones healthier.

Bacteria are more crucial to health than you might guess. There more than a hundred thousand strains of bacteria in our digestion system. In fact, if you gathered all the microorganisms residing in your gut, the weight would be between 2 and three pounds. The wellness of our digestive tract germs counts on factors consisting of the amount of probiotic-rich food in our diet regimen.

Probiotics and prebiotics interact to boost gut health. Sustaining far better health with the power of great bacteria means understanding how these microorganisms interact. Probiotics are organisms that help the good bacteria flourish in your digestive system tract. Several of the most valuable strains are discovered in unprocessed fermented foods. These can include fermented milk products like yogurt as well as kefir. Other good sources are sauerkraut, kimchi, as well as chilled pickles. To maximize your health and wellness benefits, pick fermented foods that do not include vinegar and that do require refrigeration.

Kefi has the prospective to be made use of as an alternative therapy for postmenopausal osteoporosis. According to research published in Osteoporosis International by Chen, et al., kefir's impressive bone-health-promoting effects come not just from its high calcium content but additionally from its abundance of bioactive proteins. When milk is treated with bacteria and yeast, distinct peptides are developed that improve calcium absorption and boost the immune system. It will also stop embolism, and also ward off bacterial infections. Adding kefir to your everyday diet can be a great boost to your bone health.

You can use prebiotics to magnify the advantages of probiotic foods. Prebiotics are indigestible complicated carbohydrates. Think about prebiotics as food for probiotics. You'll locate them in foods like onions, asparagus, bananas, oats, apples, as well as garlic. When you eat prebiotics with probiotic foods, you optimize the efficiency of these compounds to develop healthy and balanced digestive tract germs.

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