Yuliya Andrews,
Gloucestershire, UK
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Yuliya Andrews,
Back Pain | Hip pain
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Yuliya Andrews

I am yoga and mindfulness coach, health and wellness enthusiast, conscious plant based living advocate.I coach and help people to adopt Yoga practice/ Mindfulness as a way of life which serves as a therapy for the mind, body and soul.The way of finding deeper connection with Self, feeling empowered through restoring inner balance.

I am RYT registered 200, 25Hrs Gravity Yoga.  I specialise in Vinyasa Flow yoga, Ashtanga, Gravity Yoga.

Yoga means union. In simple words it is a union of mind, body and soul. Yoga is capable of elevating your mind into a higher level of consciousness . Vistara means expansion. That's how Vistara Yoga came to life- union through expansion . Yoga is a science that has been practiced for thousands of years in order to show humanity the path to peace, harmony, prosperity, happiness and overall well being.  Yogis view the mind and body as one. When given correct practice, guidance and taken to the right environment it can find equilibrium and heal itself. The Asanas( yoga postures ) not only tone the muscles, increase flexibility and improve the posture through alignment,but they also have a profound impact on our endocrine (glands) and nervous system. Yoga therefore is considered to be a deeply transforming therapeutic practice.

My classes are a beautiful fusion of ancient teachings with a modern approach. They are flowing sequences of postures designed to strengthen your body, relax your mind and help you to find harmony in this increasingly busy world. They consist of Pranayama (breathing techniques), Asana (postures), deep relaxation and meditation. I offer various classes in Stroud, Gloucestershire; Online Yoga classes; 1-2-1 yoga and mindfulness coaching.

I suffered from numerous trapped nerves in my upper back and misaligned pelvis after giving birth to my 5 yrs old boy. Yoga rescued me from the potential surgical intervention. It did rsquo;t happen overnight, but by sticking with it and keeping showing up for myself each day I felt a little bit better, stronger and more fluid in my movement. Spite to the end to see the progress from 2017 and now.

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