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Sally Goldfinger
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Hi, I am Sally Goldfinger, a full time Yoga teacher, Ayurveda nutritionist and Yoga therapist. I am an ultimate gelato and coffee lover too. I am committed to inspire people and to make a difference. In a time where stress and anxiety is becoming an epidemic I am dedicated to help and guide people to create a healthier and more balanced life through Yoga, healthy foods, wellness & Ayurveda and simple lifestyle routines. I do this through my Yoga Retreats, wellness events, workshops, talks, Skype consultations and sessions and food events. I live simply and believe in the little things. I enjoy my work because my work is my lifestyle. I don’t live accordingly to a strict diet routine but believe in balance. We are all different with a different body type and Ayurveda is a fantastic life philosophy which is all about balance. Ayurveda teaches us that a disease or imbalance often begins when we don’t live in harmony with ourselves, our nature and our environment. It takes into consideration what has caused an imbalance, who you are as an individual, and what body constitution you are born with. I help people step closer to creating a peaceful life with simple tools. I like to bring in the Danish”hygge philosophy” into my life and my customer’s life. “Hygge”, simply means cosy well-being. I am from Denmark myself, and over the past many years I have brought “hygge” with me wherever I go. Hygge is about winding down, simplifying situations and moments, self- care, healthy eating and healthy habits for life. It is anti-ageing, glow from within and long-term wellbeing. My purpose is to make you feel healthy, centred, fulfilled and calmer and to give you a unique experience with simple tools which you can take with you into your day to day life.

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