Leo Peppas,
Milies, Lesvos, Greece
Years of experience 30

Total years in practice: 30

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Leo Peppas
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Leo Peppas,
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Leo Peppas has been teaching yoga and movement for over 30 years. He is currently teaching mentoring programs for yoga teachers, bodyworkers and therapists, as well as writing a book about his work. He originally qualified as an Iyengar yoga teacher, movement therapist (Body Mind Centering and Rolfing Movement) and Psychosynthesis therapist. Over the years he has synthesized all these elements into a holistic understanding of body awareness, movement principles and psychology, developing a comprehensive approach of his own that continues to evolve.

Leo’s belief that the practice of yoga can support the path of self discovery and provide a clear link to everyday life is core to his teaching method. At the heart of his approach is the idea that the practice can inform, empower and motivate practitioners to engage more consequently and deeply in their path. In so doing, becoming more loyal to their essential Self, which in turn serves them in the process of unfolding their inherent potential.

“Leo offers a depth & breadth of experience rare in Yoga teachers today. His commitment to honoring the spirit of Yoga while integrating contemporary knowledge in the field of somatics makes for potent instruction. Yoga students interested in engaging in authentic practice & study have a precious opportunity in this gifted teacher."

-Donna Farhi, author of “Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit” and “Bringing Yoga to Life.”

You can find more on his facebook business page: fb.com/leo.peppas where there is an album with over 100 images and articles he has produced about 'embodied anatomy': fb.com/504756839540218/photos/?tab=album&album_id=667912716557962

The latest mentoring program will start this March in Helsinki:

This program has evolved over many years as a result of working with yoga teachers, bodyworkers and therapists - attending to what was missing in their understanding, supporting them to evolve their own work and to be less dependant on only information based education. The theory and models are backed up by a great deal of experiential, embodied work, through which participants learn to engage in many of the deeper processes that present themselves in any practice and throughout life. Learning to understand and process what we experience from different perspectives, listening to and therefore evoking our inherent intelligence, we clarify what guides us in the choices and actions we make.

The group itself is considered as an essential part of the process and plays an active role. This program talks to a 'deeper commonality' and it is primarily about building sustainable support to meet the challenges and adventures of life. Throughout the program, participants develop the skills and understanding that help them empower others to discover their own way.

Integrated into the program is the study of 'Embodied Anatomy'; the understanding of how our anatomy has meaning in our everyday life and how this empowers us to engage in its profound processes. To find our way step by step, to trust.

You can read more in the event description: fb.com/events/300747034099917

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