Kevin  Schraven,
Feldkirch, Austria
Years of experience 6

Total years in practice: 6

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Kevin Schraven
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Kevin Schraven,
Drug Addiction
English | German
About me

I used to be a professional ice hockey player. But my body was pretty broken in my early 20s. I was very stiff and immobile, hated all the training in the weight room and the pointlessness behind all the competitive sport. 

Then I changed my diet to a plant based diet and qi gong and spirituality came into my life. I started to meditate and I dived pretty deep into yogic philosophy and movement practices. Then I did my teacher training course and pranayama became a big part of my daily practice and my understanding of yoga has deepened a lot. Since I started this journey my life and my inner world have transformed completely and this was the reason why I wanted to teach and share my healing experience.

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