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Kelly marie Mill
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To help you understand what started me on the path of Yoga, this is about Kelly Marie Mills. I woke one day and wanted a change. Whoever you are…a mother or father working at home or outside of home, in business, self – employed, a student, athlete, teacher, a nurse or pilot, starting a new job, going into retirement, someone who needs help, or someone who needs rest. Some of my story may resonate in part of you. We all carry stress, whether financial, emotional, mental or all three. For many of us, there comes a point where something inside keeps telling us from a point we cannot describe, “Do something… soon.” A long time ago, I was a young mother of three children, ages ranging from four to one years old. Back then I wasn’t always feeling so great about my life. I often felt under pressure to be fantabulous, a representation of a woman who had it all. I could see myself sliding down that slippery slope of becoming a near psychotic Sergeant Major Mommy with an agenda for meals, after school activities, bedtimes, and a spotless house (not really, but I did mop a whole lot!). What made it worse, is that really I had nothing to complain about in the broad scheme of things. My children and I were very healthy and life was pretty simple as a full time mother. But somewhere inside me, I had an idea that there was something I could do to help myself. I felt I could be happier. There was a chance I could be less frazzled, and more content, with the possibility of even being happy. I wanted my children to enjoy being around me, for us to do fun things together. I wanted all of us, together, to enjoy their childhood and the adventures it would take us on. Leaving great memories and a lingering happiness for those simple days. It was at this stage in my life, I had an urge to go to a local Yoga class, I was always mooching around the local Yoga posters in town, pushing a baby buggy and holding the hand of one of my children, trying to take down the phone number with the other hand, pausing to wonder what it must be like. Then in my mind trying to work out how I would get to class, pay for a baby sitter, and get the children in bed before I left. It felt like a logistical nightmare and I hadn’t even attempted to book a place in a class! With all my procrastinating and placing obstacles in my own way, I didn’t get to a class for a long time. When I think back, I have to laugh at how I denied myself a mere 90 minutes of time to myself. It actually took me three years after the birth of my third gorgeous child, that I finally attended my first Yoga class! And as time moves on, some things change, and some stay the same, I am now: Fifteen years teaching Hatha Yoga, meditation, mindfulness techniques and stress relief for all ages. And also eleven years using Ayurveda medicine with clients and students to find balance in these unbalancing times.

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