donna marie Bull,
London, England, United Kingdom
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Total years in practice: 7

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Donna Marie Bull
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donna marie Bull,
Anxiety Disorders | Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy CTE | Heart Disease | Sleep Disorders | Stress
About me

One way yoga encourages transformation is by helping you to shift patterns you’ve developed over time, patterns that may be unhealthy and destructive. Yoga also teaches you how to make better decisions. Everything about practicing yoga involves intention—you set apart time in your day to do it, you move in a specific manner, breathe in a specific way. And when you are mindful and deliberate in your yoga practice, you create the opportunity to become more mindful and deliberate in your life. 


It’s about finding the true essence of our being, beneath all the veils and layers that hide who we truly are. To seek from the unreal to the real. To break away from self limiting beliefs to explore our true calling in life.


I found my deepest healing, strength, forgiveness, confidence, courage, presence and place in this world through yoga teacher training, the intensive chakra system, yoga philosophy and psychology. It transformed me from an unhappy, ill, lost, overweight, addicted, traumatized person and gave me freedom, freedom to let go of my pains, guilt, shame, sorrow, loss and the empty person that I was. I was living with so much regret, anger, resentment towards myself and others. 

Words can not express the transformation it has brought me and i’m still continuing the process. I can confidently say that I now live everyday with an open heart, with gratitude, love, confidence, connection to myself and the divine with meaning and purpose. I am truly and deeply happy for the first time in my life and I share this message to the world, hoping to inspire and awaken you on this journey with me.

Yoga woke me up, before I was living next to no conscious and wasn’t aware of my life’s actions and the negative impact it made in my life. When we realize and wake up to the reality that we do not find our happiness from material things but we do from honoring our body and mind, to respect it and nurture it, to love and to dedicate yourself to healing it, to listen to it, to invest in yourself, it truly is the only place you have to live. This is the past to least resistance and transformational growth in life. 


We are all divine beings. You can achieve whatever you want in life if you remove the restraints that hold you back. I learnt this and now I’m living my best life.


This Yogic Life offers a spiritual journey of self inquiry, to seek something higher and greater than yourself, – your true purpose. Its about cleansing and clearing our self limiting beliefs, our conditioning, reconnecting with yourself, releasing and letting go of the past, letting go of our sufferings and welcoming in love, joy, peace, gratitude and abundance in all forms. Yoga teaches you not to be the victim but to take charge of your life. I feel that having this self empowerment tool really will bring you long lasting purpose and happiness into your life because we are never in lack, we have all we need.


This Yogic Life offers you the tools to know how to seek the answers to your questions and teach you how to bring your reality into alignment with your aspirations because after all yoga is about say yes to yourself and no to what doesn’t serve you. For example, it might be ..freedom from pain, freedom from stress, freedom from shame; these are all low vibration frequencies of energy where dis-ease easily manifest’s and to have fun and become empowered in the process so you can express your divine uniqueness!


I teach you about the energy system, subtle body and how vital it is to keep your energetic vibration high. Imagine how you would feel if you woke up every day with less stress, more energy, free from worry, pain, anxiety? How does that make you feel ? It’s so exciting for me to reveal this incredible spiritual tool that brings more greatness than you may realize.


All of our live’s answers are within us, its about tuning into that innate wisdom and uncovering what our body is telling you. 


We are divinely guided by ourselves if we just listen to our inner guidance.


We are our best teacher. 


We live our life of meaning and purpose, finding peace and contentment deep within.



My Experience Teaching Yoga

In 2018 I decided to pursue my original calling of training to teach yoga and I have just qualified from my 8 months 200 hour Yoga and spiritual development teacher training journey in the study of classical yoga philosophy and traditional hatha yoga practices. I trained with the Shanti Centre training school in Bristol / Italy. The course modules included: 

How to teach yoga, How to practice yoga, Karma yoga, Intensive Chakra development, Yoga Philosophy and  Anatomy and Physiology.

I am insured by and a registered member of the Awarding Body of The Independant Yoga Network which is also a non-profit organisation. 

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