Marysia Do,
Traditional Chinese Medicine , Yoga
Denver, Colorado, United States
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Marysia do
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Marysia Do,
Traditional Chinese Medicine | Yoga
Depression | Energy | Mental Health And Behavior
About me

Marysia Do is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS).

a yoga teacher who believes in the magical transformational power of handstands.  It's not just a matter of strength and mastery of alignment, Marysia believes through the practice of handstands you can truly transform your body, soul and spirit. 

Marysia’s journey started with a DVD she found in a store near her home in Long Island and she furthered her interest in yoga by going to studios in Los Angeles during her college days. Moving to Singapore for her husband's work, she found her license in Chinese medicine and acupuncture was not recognized. So she literally turned her world upside down. Her focus went from medical practitioner to yoga teacher.  But it would be her background in Chinese medicine which tries to find the roots to the medical issues that helped shape her unique approach, practice and teaching techniques for handstands.


Marysia’s approach to teaching handstands is very individualized.  It is not method based, which is a fixed system that brings all students via the same exact steps to progress. Using her background in Chinese medicine, she looks at the person as a whole and tries to pinpoint the unique underlying issues for each individual student.  She plays to their strengths and gets them doing handstands as fast as possible. In fact her students are all amazed at how quickly she is able to get them to do handstands.  It's as if by magic and thus her yoga app is appropriately named Marysia Do Magic.


At the time she started teaching in Singapore the yoga practitioners were focused on the bendy flexible dynamics of yoga, Marysia was one of the first teachers to regularly teach a lot of the more powerful poses to that part of the world .  She attributes her small stature and not overly muscular arms and shape to being more accessible and relatable to her students in Asia. Marysia embodies the yoga practice of handstands is quiet soft strength, which she feels is the opposite from upbringing of being loud, in your face East Coast forceful show of power.


Disrupting the tried and true yoga methodology did not come without obstacles. The racism she faced in Asia was no deterrent from her to encourage her students to recognize and embrace their individual power and strength. When a student flew all the way from Kuwait to Singapore for the weekend to have private yoga lessons she did her best to deliver.  

 Marysia has the opportunity to travel the world teaching thousands of people how to do handstands.  From Africa to the Middle East and Asia, Marysia Do's students gush over how she provides the direction needed to help something just click in their yoga practice. Even working virtually with her yoga app, the detailed teaching makes so many students around the world feel like she is in the room with them.  Marysia Do Magic yoga app allows students to feel strong and free which brings more peace and joy to their lives.

Marysia believes no matter what body shape you have, you are stronger than you think you are and she wants to help prove that to you by teaching you how to do handstands. So when life gets hard, when you are filled with uncertainty or you just don't understand what the purpose to everything around you is, it might be best to just surrender and get upside down in a handstand.

Marysia Do

The Yoga Queen of Handstands

Marysia Do has cultivated a global reputation as the yoga teacher of teachers. After studying yoga and receiving her masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Los Angeles, she moved to Singapore where she spent years teaching and studying in Asia, Australia and in the Middle East. Her style is unconventional, safe and effective in its power to magnify your capabilities both inside and outside the yoga classroom. Her classes are perfect for students wanting to strengthen their practice and teachers wanting to expand their confidence.

Known as “The Queen of Handstand,” Marysia’s expertise lies in the fields of happiness and handstands. With profound respect for each person's unique desires, talents and circumstances, Marysia will realign your system so that your actions are more directly in line with your goals.


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