Vaidya Sharad Kulkarni,
Ayurveda , Holistic Medicine
2 Case Studies
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Years of experience 6

Total years in practice: 6

Practice Name
Jeevottama Health
Practitioner Name
Vaidya Sharad Kulkarni,
Ayurveda | Holistic Medicine
Anal Fissure | Hemorrhoids | Skin Diseases | Stress
About me

About me:

Dr Sharad Kulkarni is a renowned Consultant and Surgeon (Ayurveda) in Bengaluru, India who has pursued masters in Shalya Tantra. Currently he is a Research Scholar in Ayurvedic Surgery. He has been an Influential Health Vlogger with millions of viewership on digital platforms. 


- Ano-rectal cases with Kshar/Kshar Sutra

- Pain management using Agnikarma

- Leech therapy using for Skin condition

- Panchakarma for Detoxification

- Respiratory, Digestive and Sexual Wellness

Education and Professional Experience:

BAMS - Bachelor in Ayurveda Medical Sciences

MD in Ayurveda

Our Mission:

To be known as an unmatched Ayurveda, wellness healthcare provider globally, reaching all bits of individuals, healing millions of lives through integrated clinical practice, education, awareness and research 


1. Sound knowledge in Ayurveda and Allopathy regarding diagnosis, investigations, treatment and follow up

2. Approach to a case and diagnosis mainly by clinical examination followed by investigations

3. Command over handling the Medical and Surgical equipment 

4. Health related videos and blogs on various digital platforms like FB, Insta and YouTube with millions of viewership 

5. Publication of many Research articles/blogs online

6. Live FB/Insta video sessions and webinars on health awareness  


Aims :

- Digitizing Ayurveda - Yoga for global wellness

- Building a healthy society through social awareness

- Helping the needy in maintaining good health and to keep them away from any health-related sufferings - Jeevothama Trust 

- Ensuring Medicine less healing through Diet and Lifestyle Corrections

- Building a team and reaching every corner of the globe to treat the diseased with an integrated approach

Languages - Kannada, Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Tulu


1. Chanakya Awards - 2020 (Jury Special Awards for Healthcare through Ayurveda) by Public Relations Council of India

2.  One of the youngest Ayurveda Doctors, who was invited to speak on Ayurveda in LONDON, UK

3. Author of Amazon Best Selling book titled 'The Blockbuster Health 1.0' which revolves around good eating habits. He has the credit of writing his second book in just 100 days post release of first book. Both the books are available on

4. Awarded with the title 'BEST YOUNG RESEARCHER AYURVEDA SURGERY(SHALYA TANTRA)' by RULA Awards in November 2018

5. Influential Invited Speaker on Healthcare throughout India. He is one of the top rated Ayurveda Consultant digitally

6. Also been Nominated for the category 'Best Ayurveda Doctor in Bangalore' by India HealthCare Awards in 2016 for expertise in para surgical/minimally invasive procedures

About Our Clinic:

The initial base plan was laid in 2015 with an aim to prevent,cure and avoid recurrence of diseases being suffered. Work stress, fast food, lack of quality food, fast life, lack of exercise/sedentary lifestyle, night shifts, lack of quality sleep etc.

Many patients want to get rid of anorectal problems

  • Piles

  • Fissure

  • Fistula

  • Polyps etc., Without Surgery

This is the right platform to treat such diseases through a para surgical/minimally invasive procedure with lowest recurrence rates and no side effects. These procedures are cost effective and day care procedures where in no admission or hospital stay is required.Preventive health care is need of the hour especially in the polluted metropolitan cities where in people are leading an unhealthy diet and Sedentary lifestyle. Prevention also means to avoid the recurrence after successful treatment.


We offer the following prevention based therapies:

  • Panchkarma

  • Sutra Neti

  • Matra Basti

We offer the following Ayurvedic therapies for chronic conditions:

  • Agni Karma: Agnikarma is a pain management technique/procedure with high accuracy and effective results. It is a hallmark of Ayurvedic pain management.

  • Kshara Karma: Para surgical treatment for piles

  • Kshara Sutra: Simultaneous Cutting and healing of the fistulous tract / pilo nidal sinus due to chemical cauterisation effect and debridement.

  • Siravyadha: Blood letting of around 100-150ml decreases the fluid and plasma components of the blood and this may affect the exchange of gases, nutrients and waste products between blood and tissues at the capillary level. Here the low oxygen at the tissues stimulates the development of new RBC’s. Whenever the blood has circulating allergens/toxins, they finally get lodged in the tissues at capillary junctions where the blood contents are exchanged. Thus on blood letting this blood is let out and is replaced.

  • Leech Therapy: Process where localized blood letting to decongest the circulation.  Impure blood is expelled out. Regeneration of new blood vessels enriches the area with a flow of fresh blood. The saliva of leech is rich in medicinal property and helps in improving microcirculation.

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