Vaidya Sharad Kulkarni, Ayurveda

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

 Years of experience  10

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Specialties Ayurveda
Conditions Skin Diseases
Language English
Experience 10
About Me Dr. Sharad Kulkarni is one of the renowned Ayurveda doctors in Bangalore who graduated from prestigious SDM Ayurvedic college in Udupi, India. He has done master in Shalya Tantra (Ayurvedic Surgery) from Govt. Ayurveda Medical College, Bangalore. He is currently pursuing PhD in Ayurvedic Surgery.

Treating anorectal cases with Kahara/Kshar Sutra
Pain Management through Agnikarma
Skin Diseases through Leech therapy
Detoxification therapies and health wellness programs

He is knowledgeable on the following topics:
Knowledge of Ayurvedic concepts regarding etio pathogenesis of disease
Approach to case and diagnosis by clinical examination followed by investigations
Published research articles in journals like IAMJ and other publications
Propagating health and wellness without medication

Awards and Recognition:
Best Young researcher - Ayurveda Surgery Shalya Tantra by Rula awards, Nov. 2018.
He has been nominated for the category “Best Ayurveda doctor in Bangalore” by India healthcare awards in 2016 for expertise para surgical minimally invasive procedures.

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Ayurvedic Therapy to Help Heal Hemorrhoids Ayurvedic Therapy to Help Heal Hemorrhoids

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